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Misha (@RB), April, Cari & Rico pay tribute to the thousands of dogs that have been used throughout the centuries in man's battles against man. These dogs have died so that men may live to return to battle and kill again.

Misha (@RB), April, Cari & Rico invite you to learn about them and their lives with Canidlover & Vetteman. Click on Misha (@RB), April & Cari's picture to go to their MENU and decide which aspect of their lives you would like to visit -- if you have time, come back and try 'em all!

From PetSupport USA Canine Reference Library:

"During the First World War, the Airedale would take to the battlefields; agile and tireless, he would thread his way through trenches and shell craters. He was used by the Germans and their allies as well to carry messages and detect approaching enemy soldiers."

The more I see of men, the more I admire dogs.

-- Madame Roland

Please take time to visit the WAR DOG MEMORIAL PAGE

National Geographic Article, 25 July 2002
Veterans: Dogs of War Deserve a Memorial

You become responsible for what you have tamed.

-- Antoine de St.-Exupéry


Dedicated to the memory of all those who served . . . Italy, France, Russia, Belgium, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, and Great Britain all have formal monuments and decorations dedicated to war dogs by the military organizations under which they served. War dogs in other countries have also been awarded medals and other forms of official recognition for serving their countries. Of all of the countries to employ the use and help of dogs during times of war, the United States military stands alone as the only world military to not formally acknowledge the contributions made by its canine soldiers. Due to a policy that has existed since World War II, and despite the protests of armed forces personnel, the United States military refuses to formally recognize the accomplishments of its canine soldiers, stating that such recognition is "demeaning to service personnel".

Nearly 4000 dogs served in Vietnam and saved up to 10,000 American servicemen through their scouting and sentry duties. When withdrawing from Vietnam in 1973, the military classified the dogs as surplus equipment to be left behind during evacuation. Many dogs were left with South Vietnamese allies who were afraid of the dogs and didn't know how to handle them. Many of the dogs were euthanized, and many more perished at the hands of their inexperienced South Vietnamese handlers. Only a handful of Vietnam war dogs made it back to the United States. Many handlers and trainers who worked with these dogs were traumatized by having to leave their faithful companions behind, stating that the dogs saved their lives and often did more work than they did.

Relegated to the status of military equipment rather than personnel, dogs in the U.S. military are drafted for life and are euthanized once they are deemed infirm and incapable of continuing their jobs. The military claims that these dogs are incapable of being retired to civilian life, despite the fact that police dogs, which receive identical training, are successfully and peacefully retired to loving homes and families upon retirement. As a result of the indifference shown toward war dogs, many of their accomplishments have been unjustly forgotten, or at best, relegated to the status of "trivia" by war buffs. Many of the records of war dogs and their handlers have been lost or destroyed, and the public remains largely unaware of the contributions by dogs in the armed forces.

It is hoped through this email that these dogs will be remembered and appreciated for the services they provided for our armed forces and to our country. Please forward this to as many dog lovers as you can so that these canine heroes are not forgotten.

Not Forgotten are . . .

SARGE 1A43, German Shepherd, Vietnam
PRINCE 55-M-9, German Shepherd mix, Vietnam
LUKE, black Labrador Retriever, Vietnam
PATCHES, Vietnam, one of the few war dogs given passage back home to the United States.
NEMO, German Shepherd, wounded in Vietnam, one of the few war dogs given passage back home to the United States.
TROY, Alaskan Malamute, served the U.S. Air Force in the early 1980's.
LISLE, German Shepherd/Collie mix, served the U.S. Army in the early 1980's.
THOR, German Shepherd, Desert Storm.
BUNS, German Shepherd, Desert Storm.
SMOKEY, German Shepherd, Desert Storm.
BANDIT, German Shepherd, Desert Storm.
ASTOR, German Shepherd, Desert Storm.
PENNY, Beagle, Desert Storm.
TOSCA, Belgian Malinois, Desert Storm.
NERO 304J, Belgian Malinois, Desert Storm.
CARLO, Belgian Malinois, Desert Storm. During a ceremony in which Carlo's handler received the Bronze Star for his service in Kuwait, his handler removed the medal from his own uniform and pinned it to Carlo's collar, saying, "Carlo worked harder than me. He was always in front of me".
PASJA, Belgian Malinois, euthanized for being too old to continue serving.
JACK, Bull Terrier mix, Union army, U.S. Civil War
GENERAL, Saint Bernard, 14th North Carolina Infantry, Confederate Army, U.S. Civil War
ROBERT LEE, Troupe Artillery, Confederate Army, U.S. Civil War
STUBBY, Bull Terrier mix, WWI. The most decorated war dog in U.S. history. His stuffed remains, ashes, and medals are currently stored in a packing crate in a storage room of the National Museum of American History, which considers the dog an "oddity with little educational merit".
NORMAN SADLER, Fox Terrier, fundraiser during WWII
BOOTS, trick dog, fundraiser during WWII
RONNIE, German Shepherd, WWII, U.S. Coast Guard Dog Patrol.
BOB, Collie mix, WWII, led more forays into German territory than any other U.S. soldier in WWII, human or canine.
BUSTER, WWII, killed in action.
RICKY, Welsh Shepherd, parachuting scout dog, WWII
DUKE, Doberman Pinscher, served in the Pacific during WWII
CHIPS, German Shepherd/Collie/Husky mix, WWII, tank guard dog and the most decorated dog in WWII. Personally thanked for his services by General Eisenhower. Chips' military honors were removed once the military determined that decorating a dog was "demeaning to servicemen"
DUG, Belgian Shepherd, Korean War
BRUTE, Belgian Shepherd, Korean War
CASEY, Belgian Shepherd, Korean War
ROY, Belgian Shepherd, Korean War
SHERI, Belgian Shepherd, Korean War
MAC, first canine casualty in Vietnam
PAL, scout dog, Vietnam
TROUBLES, scout dog, Vietnam
VALENTINE 3F38, German Shepherd, died in Vietnam
BUCK, German Shepherd mix, Vietnam, killed in action.
ROYAL 19X8, German Shepherd, Vietnam, killed in action.
DUKE 383M, German Shepherd, Vietnam, killed in action.
CLACKER, German Shepherd, Vietnam, killed in action.
KREIGER, German Shepherd, Vietnam, killed in action.
PONCHO, German Shepherd, Vietnam, killed in action.
DUKE 645f, German Shepherd, Vietnam, missing in action.
EBONY, German Shepherd, Vietnam, 47th Scout Dog Patloon.
DUFFER, German Shepherd, Vietnam, 212th Sentry Dog Company
SUZIE, German Shepherd, Vietnam. Her handler gave her his Bronze Star.
BLACKIE 129X, left behind in Vietnam
HEIDI, scout dog, left behind in Vietnam
KRISTIANNA, German Shepherd, left behind in Vietnam
WARRIOR, German Shepherd, left behind in Vietnam
COMMANDER, German Shepherd, left behind in Vietnam
WINSTON, German Shepherd, left behind in Vietnam
TIMBER, German Shepherd, left behind in Vietnam
CLIPPER, German Shepherd, left behind in Vietnam
ORION, German Shepherd, left behind in Vietnam
SMOKEY, German Shepherd, nicknamed "Flop,", left behind in Vietnam
WOLF, Vietnam
REX, German Shepherd, nicknamed "Punky", Vietnam
YORK, German Shepherd, Vietnam
DUKE, German Shepherd, Vietnam
BOY, German Shepherd, Vietnam
NASTY, German Shepherd, Vietnam
ZORRO, German Shepherd, Vietnam
MAX, German Shepherd, Vietnam
KOENIG, German Shepherd, Vietnam
BRIAN 4M4, German Shepherd, Vietnam
KING, German Shepherd, Vietnam
KIESER, German Shepherd, Vietnam
HUDSONS KING, German Shepherd, Vietnam
RUSTY 775E, German Shepherd, Vietnam
IRKO, German Shepherd, Vietnam
TIGER, German Shepherd, Vietnam
INK, German Shepherd, Vietnam
REBEL, German Shepherd, Vietnam
CHIEF, German Shepherd, Vietnam
SMOKIE 6X65, German Shepherd, Vietnam
SLIM SN 84M6, German Shepherd, Vietnam
PUDDLES 807M, German Shepherd, Vietnam
JOUNK, German Shepherd, Vietnam
BRUISER, German Shepherd, Vietnam
ROGER 3M84, German Shepherd, Vietnam
DUKE 847A, German Shepherd, Vietnam
BUDDY A601, German Shepherd, Vietnam
BIG BOY, German Shepherd, Vietnam
TARZAN W195, German Shepherd, Vietnam
BLITZ, German Shepherd, Vietnam
GARDO 86XO, German Shepherd, Vietnam
MACK, German Shepherd, Vietnam
ERIC, German Shepherd, Vietnam
FRITZ 584F, German Shepherd, Vietnam
GEISHA A871, German Shepherd, Vietnam
DOBE 7X49, German Shepherd, Vietnam
REX 75M3, German Shepherd, Vietnam
SHEPPY, German Shepherd, Vietnam
CLYDE, German Shepherd, Vietnam
CHEROKEE, German Shepherd, Vietnam
SPOOK 235X, German Shepherd, Vietnam
BUFFY 87M3, German Shepherd, Vietnam
KNIGHT, German Shepherd, Vietnam
SIRIUS, Yellow Labrador Retriever, WTC, 9/11

And countless other dogs, known and unknown, that served their country.
If only the leaders of this nation could serve us so well and so honestly,
maybe this world would be a better place.

The fate of animals is of greater importance to me than the fear of appearing ridiculous; it is indissolubly connected with the fate of [wo]men.

-- Emile Zola (1840-1902)

For more information and photographs of the above dogs, please be sure to visit Albert Buys' page on WAR & DOGS

She is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are her life, her love, her leader. She will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of her heart. You owe it to her to be worthy of such devotion.

-- Unknown

Visit SCOUT DOG WOLF'S PAGES for War Dog Information

For information about getting or signing a petition for a War Dog Stamp, visit the WAR DOGS STAMP PROJECT

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After 22 years together, Canidlover & VetteMan
were married on 22 May 2004.



Click on Rico & Cari's picture to go to THE TWO PARROTHEADS IN PARADISE wedding pages

Misha (@RB) was with us in spirit; April guarded the house, and Cari & Rico were Ring Bearers, in the lovely 'danas made by Mary Lynn D'Aubin; the rings were carried in pockets in the 'danas. They behaved very well, and stayed for the entire reception.

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Anim Anim


RICO the Rescue Cairn was added to our pack on 13 August 2003, and his webpages are up, too! Click on his picture to go directly to them.

Thanks to Kathie Rudy of CairnRescueUSA for adding the watercolor touch to Rico's picture!


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Click on Misha's picture
to go to her IN MEMORIAM pages.

In June 2001, Misha was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma. The principal source of the cancer was never determined.

On Friday, 14 September 2001, Misha crossed the Rainbow Bridge from her own beloved back yard.

This picture is how I will always remember our girl . . . always ready for a party ("Will there be FOOD there?"), willing to be silly ("If I wear this hat, will I get FOOD?"), and that big black nose ("Do I smell FOOD?").

We will miss her forever and ever . . . click on her picture to visit her IN MEMORIAM pages.

"I have sometimes thought of the final cause of dogs having such short lives, and I am quite satisfied it is in compassion to the human race; for if we suffer so much in losing a dog after an acquaintance of ten or twelve years, what would it be if they were to live double that time?"

-- Sir Walter Scott, 1822

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Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative.
-- Mordecai Siegal

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dogs have joined Misha (@RB), April, Cari & Rico on the couch since 16 AUGUST 1996. We hope you all were comfy!!


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