As of May 1, 2001, I have been diagnosed with breast cancer.
Is this a terrible, terrible thing?
Nah.  I just think of it as a setback.  
I'd like to share my story with you.  Simply click on:
My Breast Cancer Story

We are so happy you dropped by to see us. My name is Patsi and this handsome man with me is my husband, Dennis, whom I've been married to for 14-1/2 years.

One of the things that makes being married to Dennis so nice is that he makes me laugh. Even when I am mad or when I am sad, Dennis can turn it all around by making me smile. When I feel things are at their lowest, he somehow convinces me that "things aren't as bad as they seem." It would be hard for me to put into words just what this wonderful man means to me.

Some of the things we enjoy doing together are shag dancing, camping, bowling, and fitness/weight training. Dennis enjoys volleyball and softball, while I like to quilt, read and create webpages on the internet in my free time. We both know, without a doubt, that we owe our health and happiness to the Heavenly Father. We know He has blessed us in many, many ways and for that we are grateful and give Him our praise!

May 16, 2001 Update:  I thought I loved Dennis alot, but nothing compares to now.  During these past years, this man has been incredible.   He has given me the strength to deal with cancer in a positive way.  I can lay down and grieve or I can make something good come out of it.  I had no choice in getting cancer, but I do have a choice in how to deal with it.  And Dennis is my strength.

On  May 11, 2001, our little girl attended her first prom; the 8th grade spring dance.  She sure is growing up.  Here she is transforming from a fun 13-year-old teenager during Halloween last October (2000) to a prom queen.


Last night she was in her final band concert for middle school.  Next year she'll be in high school.  She looked so pretty sitting there in her band costume.  I had tears in my eyes almost throughout the whole concert.  Each time her name would be called for a reward, I would tear up more.  Her dad sat there with the camera taking pictures the whole time.  And, big grown man that he is, had tears in his eyes too.

I have been blessed with such a wonderful family.  Each of my 4 grown children are successful in life, in family, and are happy.  I see them all several times each week.  I'm so glad we all live near each other.  It's so good for a mother to see her children, after they are grown, still close.  It seems like each time I call one of the four of them, one of their siblings are there.  Not only are they in and out of my home all week, they are all in and out of each other's home.  

If I should die from this cancer I shall die a happy and peaceful woman.  I have 5 beautiful children, 3 wonderful and perfect grandchildren.  I have a marriage that is wonderful.  The reason for all of this?  I know it is because God reigns in control in our hearts. I've had people say to me, "I feel so sorry for you because you are going through this."  Never feel sorry for me....I have it all...and I am grateful everyday!

Whether you call me "Old Glory," "Stars and Stripes" or "Star-Spangled Banner," I shall fly forever as a symbol of your freedom, as I did for your ancestors, and as I shall for your heirs. I AM YOUR FLAG!

Visit my July 4th web page for a  Celebration of July 4th!

Some of my closest friends are movie buffs. When I saw the top 100 movies listed in our local paper, I just had to make a page and share the list. If you like movies and would like to see the top 100 movies of all times, go take a look at Saturday Night at the Movies.

A friend sent me a story of the legend of "The Taps." I thought it was so sweet that I made a little page of it. If you enjoy legends and/or if you are a Civil War history fan, check out The Taps

Patsi, I was so touched with your declaration of love for your husband that I want to send you my "Homepage With A Heart" award. Patty

Thank you Patty for the award and your sweet words. You mentioned in your letter that after 20 years you are still crazy about your husband...that is are a lucky couple!

Thank you Rhonda for this special award. And thank you for taking the time and effort to be one of our Heartland Community leaders!


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