Medicine For The Anti-Mormon Disease

"As an evangelical I must confess that I am ashamed of our record in relating to the Mormon community. To be sure, there are deep differences between our worldviews. But none of those disagreements give me or any other evangelical the license to propagate distorted accounts of what Mormons believe. By bearing false witness against our LDS neighbors, we evangelicals have often sinned not just against Mormons but against the God who calls us to be truth-tellers." (Richard J. Mouw, President of Fuller Theological Seminary)

Welcome to the Anti-Mormon Antibiotic Homepage. This page was created to provide answers to many anti-mormon statements on a variety of subjects. This is not an official website of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints This means that I have not been asked by the Church to make this website nor am I officially representing the LDS church. The only official LDS website is the church's own site found at

I am doing this basically for fun for I find Anti-Mormon material to be fun. Any errors that are at this site are my fault alone. Since I am not perfect and do at times have some troubles explaining a concept for all people to understand it would be a good idea to visit other LDS websites (made by LDS members) so you can compare and get a greater and more accurate understanding of what we believe. I will do my best to explain at this site. Visiting the official LDS site would be highly recommended.

I thought about responding to a lot of articles at various Anti-Mormon websites but due to time and not wanting to be redundant over and over again, I have decided to simply review 2 or 3 Anti-Mormon books. Since Anti-Mormon material is usually repetitive, the issues covered in these books will cover the vast majority (probably at least 80%) of all arguements made against the LDS faith. I will through in a few articles from various websites just for fun as well.

Because I don't want to be accused of quoting LDS critics out of context, I will do my best to leave as much of their original material in the responses as possible. I feel at the very least, people make the best decisions on an issue when they see both sides of an issue. I am fully confident in the LDS position that I don't mind showing our critics arguement along with ours. Our critics claim the LDS are always holding back information on issues but I believe that in reality, it is they who are holding back inportant information that allows people to make a true objective decision on a particular point. This website is a work in progress for me so I will be constantly updating information when I get it. Please be patient with me as some responses do take a while to do. Enjoy

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Response to "Letter 9 -- Come, Let Us Reason Together"

Response to "Letter 11 -- But the Bible Says..."

Response to Marvin Cowan's book "Mormon Claims Answered"

Response to Chapter 1 "Origin and History of Mormonism"

Response to Chapter 3 "The Bible"

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