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This is the homepage of Nicholas Savoie...better known as Arryl. :-) Arryl was also known as Boca and Myster, but has had many nicks in the time he has been on the Internet. Arryl has been through many Internet experiences, like the IRC channels he visits, and will do his best to share them with you. This is where you can learn a bit about Arryl and who he is...both on and off-line...that is if he ever get around to finishing this homepage!! (GRIN) Please explore around...Friends of Arryl...check out "Friends & Family" please... Arryl's main activity on the Internet is IRC (Internet Relay Chat)...which he believes may possibly be the way of communication in the 21rst Century!! On here you will find friends that he has made while IRCing and the channels that he has visited. If you have a page you'd like Arryl to visit/link to please e-mail him asap! Btw...if you haven't guessed already...Arryl is :->

Learn about Arryl and his life by clicking ON the picture above. For MORE pictures of Arryl click ON the picture as well.

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