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  • Ball Family Genealogy Forum
  • Dudley Homepage & Database - You'll find the BALL surname here + many more! Maintained by Gary Dudley.
  • Our Ancestry - Ball, Chapman, Cowan, Ferguson, Harrison + many, many more! Beautifully done site by Hugh & Marian Zorger
  • The Gene Pool
  • William Ball, Lord of the Manor

  • Brumfield Family Genealogy Forum

  • Childress Family Genealogy Forum
  • Letter written by Abner Nimrod Childress

  • Image of William Colvin and Martha Feaster ~~m 1783 Eutwai, Alabama~~
  • Colvin Genealogy
  • Colvin - Mason Surname Page

  • Clan Colqhoun Home Page
  • Collected Cowans, Vol I INDEX -- My own accumulated data on the COWAN surname, spanning more than 30 years!
    Vol. I Associated surname INDEX
    These are Cowan family histories collected over the years but which I have not been able to connect to my own Cowan line. I make no claims concerning the accuracy of these genealogical histories. Use them as a starting point in your research but, as always, check the facts for yourselves! -- Barbara

  • Cowan Family Genealogy Forum - A Genealogy Site for COWAN/COWEN Researchers maintained by Tom Mock.
  • Cowan History -
    Twenty-five years of Cowan genealogical and historical information by John Glover Cowan, a Geocities neighbor!

  • Crandall, Crain, COWAN, and Clary Genealogy -
    Site maintained by Dwayne Crandall and includes all variations: Crandell, Crane, COWEN, and Cleary
  • The Fianna: Irish Ancestry and History Research

  • Image of Martha Feaster and William Colvin ~~m 1783 Eutwai, Alabama~~
  • Andrew Feaster..Faith Healer?
  • Andrew Feaster, Sr. /Last Will & Testament
  • Feaster History
    11/18/97 update!
  • Feaster Records / Historical Commission/ South Carolina
  • Feasterville Academy --Feasterville, Fairfield Co SC

  • Ferguson Family History

  • (Galyean, Gulian, Gellon, Galyan, Gallien, Galyon, etc.)
  • Galyon Family Genealogy Forum

  • Crawford "Cherokee Bill" Goldsby -- notorious Indian Territory outlaw!
  • Descendants of John GOLDSBY ~~ Bob Goldsby's Page
  • GOLDSBY (and Related) Tombstone Inscriptions
  • Last Will & Testament of Peter Goldsby
  • Last Will & Testament of Richard Goldsby
  • Thomas Terrell Goldsby.."The earliest record found...."

  • Bill Harrison's Genealogical Home Page
  • Harrison Family Genealogy Forum
  • The Harrison Genealogy Repository
  • Harrison Genealogy

  • Last Will & Testament of Aaron Lott Jr

  • James Mortimer Loudon LA 1814-1919: Certificate of Death

  • MAY Family Genealogy Forum (All Messages)

  • Jemima L. Sullivan: Sucession of Thomas Noble 1842 LA
  • Last Will & Testament of Sarah Jane Sullivan
  • Sullivan Family Genealogy Forum
  • Sullivan Family Home Page

  • MacAdams Family Homepage and associated names:

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