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Welcome to Carol's Christmas Stories. Please be prepared to spend your time reading some old-fashioned tales written to delight and charm you. Since the season of Christmas makes us all a bit sentimental, we seem to become more caring and see those around us with more feeling and warmth. These select stories were chosen at random to introduce my readers to these special books. Christmas is love and sharing. Don't you think we should get started to find the joy and meaning? Merry, Merry. Happy Reading. This grouping of stories were selected from:



My readers have read these stories with family and friends. It is my hope that you will continue this tradition.

just frog

The Elf Who Ate Too Much

The Ornament On The Christmas Tree

Holidays In The Forest

Are You Curious?

A Christmas Cloud named Hankie

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Note to Publishers: The stories offered for viewing on this website would like to become "real" and in print in a bound edition. Any publishers that find these stories special, please e-mail my site.

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Many thanks for your interest in featuring these Christmas stories in themes for a parade, newsletters, newspapers, television promos, plays, and holiday specials. It has been a delight to please students, teachers, parents, and grandparents. For all the thoughtful people who have shared their comments and interest in my work, I am truly grateful.

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