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Hello, and welcome to our cyberhome. Please grab a drink and make yourself at home.

My name is Cindy, and I'm 31 years old. I am a divorced mother of one. I have a 4 year old son Caleb. Caleb is almost 4. Me and Caleb live in a little southern town called Brunswick. Caleb's dad cheated on me so I get enough support to continue my education through him, which I am currently doing. I attended high school at Brunswick High. I gradutatedCoastal Georgia Community College. My degree is Computer Information Technology, basically computer programming. I have also graduated the police academy. I am a stay at home mom and enjoy every minute of it. Caleb does go to private school during the week and I currently am attending college again for Office Technology.
Have you ever been to Disney World? Disney World is great. I myself have been about 25 times. Caleb is almost 3 and he has been 6 (getting ready to be 7) times already (and that includes a trip to the one in Japan!) Disney is just a great place to get rid of the "real world" and go into a fantasy world.
I like to:
  1. Play with my catsand my dogs.
  2. Watch Young and The Restless
  3. Watch my favorite during the summer Big Brother
  4. And watch everybodies favorite Desperate Housewives.

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