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Hi, my name is Prissy. My breed is Tortoiseshell (whatever that means). I will be celebrating my eleventh birthday this coming December. Mom always makes a big deal about it. You see, when I was a kitten I was playing alone in the road and my mommy came by and saw how dirty and hungry I was, so she picked me up and took me home with her. She cleaned me up (which I didn't like a bit) took my to see someone called a Vet (and he stuck me a few times with this sharp thing) and gave me a name, Prissy. I am a good cat, never get into anything I just lounge around all day. I love to get into moms sock drawer! Those colors just call out my name and make me crazy! So whenever I want to play I just grab a pair and take them to my mommy (who by the way thinks it is so cute, she has flashed this bright object in my face whenever she can, she usually says look at me, but it hurts my eyes) she sometimes throws the socks (when she's not busy watching that big thing with all the moving pictures that I lay on, or banging on that thing with all the little buttons) and I'll chase them. Well got to go for now, hope you can come back soon!

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