Welcome To My Little Piece of Heaven

Hi, my name is Hope and I am a Miniture Pincher. I am black and Tan. I weigh about 9 pounds and I was born in August of 1996, I am really a good dog and I love to go riding in the car, every time my mom opens the car door I hop in and sit down (even if she don't want me to go). I love to play with the cats, we play all day. I am so lucky they don't have claws! I have recently been told that I have worms in my body, I think the vet called them Heartworms. Yea, it was shocking for me to! I have to get put on this weird medication and then my mom says she has to keep me still for 4 weeks. Unfortunatly for me that means I have to be put in a crate and don't get to run around and play because I am not supposed to increase my hear rate or it could kill me. Kinda scary huh? I can't wait for it to be over and I think I overheard my mom say the same thing. I might be getting a new playmate sometime this summer, and I can't wait! Someone to run around and play with other then the cats will be great! You will just have to come back some time and see when and what kind of playmate I get! Well need to go take my afternoon nap. I hope you enjoyed your stay here. Please check back ofter for new updates on me and my family and hopefully soon my new friend!

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