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Hi! I'm Eliezer Bulka
I live in Baltimore, Maryland.
I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and
I'm pretty darn proud of it as well.
For both of you who are interested, my personal profile is finally up. Check it out.
If you aren't, and I don't blame you, please enjoy the other cool stuff I've put together.

Well it sure took long enough but I finally got myself a guestbook so I can get an idea of the droves and droves of people who visit this page every hour. If you have a second - don't bother. But if you have two, please sign my GuestBook.

Things I Like

My Home and Native Land

Friends and Family

My Works (Kodesh)

My Works (Chol)

Hey, everyone is allowed to have some fun with their spare time. This is what I did with some of mine, perhaps a little too much of it:

If you have comments, suggestions, or no good reason whatsoever, please email me at

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