Unfortunately, The "For Better or For Worse" Page, is temporarily closed :(

We received an email from United Feature Syndicate, Inc. on July 9, 2001 charging us for copyright infringement and requesting that all unauthorized material be removed from our site immediately. We are complying with this request and have decided the best course of action, for the time being, is to completely shut the site down.

We are still hoping to be able to reopen however! We will continue communication with United Feature Syndicate in hopes of being able to reach a compromise, but until that point, we regret to inform you that the site will remain closed. As we have been in existence for over 4 years now, we certainly hate to have this happen, but we will abide with the law.

Nonetheless, we hope you'll continue to keep us bookmarked and return to visit us often. We promise we'll keep current updates posted as to how communications are going, and yet again we will reiterate, that we do hope to be able to reopen in some form soon. In the meantime, thanks for your patience and understanding!

- Rebecca J. Stephenson
Maintainer of The "For Better or For Worse" Page


An Update (as of July 20, 2001)

Last week letters went out to UFS and Lynn Johnston, and today we did did receive a response from Lynn. It is not good news however. In her letter, Lynn Johnston said:

"We have our own very active website and are responsible for everything that is connected to For Better or For Worse. I support the initiatives taken by my syndicate to prohibit you from continuing your site. I hope we will not have to pursue this matter further."

We will admit this letter, of course, is very depressing. As she gave us permission once before (back in 1998) to continue, we were hoping she would be willing to do the same now, but apparently her response is now no. :(

We can still hope United Features Syndicate will let us work for a compromise, but without Lynn behind us, we know the outlook currently does not look good. In fact, we hate to say it but maybe The "FBoFW" Page is going to be closed for good -- we just don't know. There's not too many other directions we can think of to turn. Of course, if anyone else has any suggestions on where to go now in the fight, we'll certainly listen....but with Lynn's response, our optimism has certainly gone down.....



An Update (as of September 15, 2001)

Hi all! Well today is the big day -- Mike and Dee are getting married! The wedding has already begun and by tomorrow their vows will be said and their new life will officially begin with each other. It's hard to believe the little boy we first met in kindergarten is all grown up!

If you aren't able to catch the strip in your local paper, there are online offerings to help you out. Both the Official FBoFW Site and also the Houston Chronicle carry copies of the daily strips. Don't miss celebrating with Mike & Dee -- be sure to check out the wonderful series of current strips.

Also: in honor and celebration of the wedding day -- Tomorrow night (Sept. 16) at 9 pm (eastern time), join fellow FBoFW fans for the first Unofficial FBoFW Page chat. Although the website is still unfortunately closed for the time being, we didn't want to miss an opportunity to celebrate with the Pattersons. Therefore instead of producing a special page for the website, we'll be hosting this chat instead. We are not expecting Lynn or anyone else officially connected with FBoFW to show up, but we do hope many fans will. It should be a fun time for all to share FBoFW thoughts, memories, commentary and whatever else comes up. You can think of it as sort of an online wedding reception for the newlyweds, if you want ;)

To join us: just go to http://www.oocities.org/fbofw/chat.html. All the details and information you need to enter the chat will be posted there. Otherwise, hope to see lots of you there tomorrow night!



We would like to remind you that although we are still temporarily closed, both of our FBoFW mailing lists are still active. In fact, updates about our progress and further FBoFW discussion will be happening there on a daily basis. Additional information about either can be found at http://www.oocities.org/fbofw/list.html. We invite anyone who wishes to join us to sign up.


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