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In honor and celebration of Mike & Dee's wedding day -- on September 16 at 9 pm (eastern time), join fellow FBoFW fans for the first Unofficial FBoFW Page chat. Although the website is still unfortunately closed for the time being, we didn't want to miss an opportunity to celebrate with the Pattersons. Therefore instead of producing a special page for the website, we'll be hosting this chat instead. We aren't expecting Lynn or anyone else officially connected with FBoFW to show up, but we do hope many fans will. It should be a fun time for all to share FBoFW thoughts, memories, commentary and whatever else comes up. You can think of it as sort of an online wedding reception for the newlyweds, if you want ;) So please join us -- it should be fun!


Head towards the Chat Room...(Click here)

Clicking above will send you to The FBoFW Mailing List's website. If you are already a member of the mailing list, just sign in and then over on the left hand side click on chat.

If you are NOT a member, then in order to chat you will need to temporarily become a member of the list. Do this by clicking on "Join" (near the top right hand side). After you are subscribed, then the link on the left hand side of the web page for chat should be available. You don't need to worry about becoming a permanent list member if you don't want to either. At the end of tonight's chat, anyone who joined the mailing list just for the chat ability, will be unsubscribed automatically. Although I wish I didn't have to have people subscribe at all to chat, working with free chat hosting services doesn't leave us much freedom of choice. In the future, hopefully a better way of access can be discovered, but for tonight we ask you bear with us and subscribe temporarily for the access. Thanks and hope to see everyone there! - RJS


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Please take time before you leave, to leave your comments and/or suggestions by either signing the guestbook or, if you prefer, using the online form in the Patterson's Post Office. I love hearing from all of you who check out my page. :)

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