Parish Sermons

Weekly Sermons by The Revd Luke Ooi, B.A.(Lond),M.Ed.,Th.L

12March99 What Jesus Christ has done
27th Sept.1998 Pentecost 17 Sunday - "Living Faith Loving Action"
4th Oct.1998 Pentecost 18 Sunday - "Good & Faithful Servant"
11th Oct.1998 Pentecost 19 Sunday - "Live & Walk by Faith
18th Oct.1998 St.Luke's Day - "Kept the Faith"
25th Oct.1998 [9th Sunday before Christmas] From Chaos to Logos
1st Nov.1998 [All Saints' Day] Tribulation to Triumph
8th Nov.1998 [7th Sunday before Christmas] Remember Abraham
15th Nov.1998 [6th Sunday before Christmas] Remember Moses
22nd Nov.1998 [5th Sunday before Christmas] Remember the Remnant

St.George's Church also provides Sermons by Lay people.
Here are a few while our Archival Site is under some renovations.
God's Creation by Mr Peter Fong
All Saints by Prof Graeme Watts
God's Promises I - by Mrs Ruth Alelxander
God's Promises II - by Mrs Hilary Ann Manecksha

Planted in 1786 the oldest church in W. Malaysia is very much alive today.

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Fr. Luke Ooi (68) has retired from St. George's Church Penang after serving for 43 years in the Diocese of West Malaysia. Presently he continues with God's work at St. Paul's Church, Petaling Jaya as an Assisting Priest and on the Internet unofficially as a cyberpadre

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