How can
a young person live
a pure life?

Ps. 119:9a

He can do it by obeying your Word.

Ps. 119:9b

With all my heart I
try to obey
you, God.
Don't let me break your commands.

Ps. 119:10


Jesus Is

carpenter   cornerstone   door   intercessor

king lamb life light messiah

servant shepherd son teacher

truth vine way word

The Seahorse

The seahorse is an unusual type of fish. Its long nose and the upright position in which it swims, makes it look much like a horse and that's how it got the name. The seahorse has a long tail that can be curled around coral or seaweed and used as an anchor. A seahorse can grow up to 10 inches in length and can be black, brown, white, yellow, or red in color. They are born from eggs laid by the mother. But the eggs are actually carried in the father's pouch until birth, when the baby seahorses swim away.

Maze Craze

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