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The Hindu religion is essentially monotheistic in its belief of a singular SHAKTI (or power) but subscribes to the theory that God may assume an infinite variety of forms, a sub-set of which is perceived by human beings. (SHAKTHI is considered to be a female form). In practice, three male forms of Shakthi, namely Brahma (the Creator), Vishnu (the savior) and Shiva (the savior of completion) are recognized in the Hindu religion. Further, a number of other forms of God or deities, that are "related" to the above three forms are recognized as well. Different deities are prominent in different parts of India. Hinduism does not have a single written source such as the Christian Bible but the most prominent of the written literature on Hinduism are the Vedas- or principles- written many many centuries ago. The religion has been influenced by two major epics namely the Ramayana and the Mahabharatha.

To promote and cherish the religious and cultural aspirations, the Hindu community has a beautiful, bi-level Temple in Ashland, Massachusetts, about 25 miles west of Boston. The upper level, serving as the Mahamandapam is utilized for religious services and houses the sanctum for Sri Lakshmi (the goddess of well being) the main deity of the Hindu Temple in Ashland, MA. This is one of the deities that is worshipped by all Hindus all across the world. In the temple, the goddess is flanked by Sri Venkateswara (a form of Vishnu) and Sri Ganapathi (the son of Shiva- and the one who ensures propitious outcomes). A separate sanctum for Lord Shiva with his consort Sivakami (a form of Shakthi) and their other son Subramanya (a savior) is located on the right side of the temple. And across the main deities, situated the Navagraha, the nine planets: The navagrahas are: Sun (Aditya), Moon (Soma), Mars (Angaraka), Mercury (Budha), Jupiter (Guru), Venus (Sukra), Saturn (Sani) and Ragu and Ketu, the two serpentine planets. Based on the time of one's birth, the planetary positions are fixed in the horoscope. The duration of time assigned to each graha is as follows: Aditya - 6 years, Soma - 10 years, Angaraka - 17 years, Budha - 17 years, Guru - 7 years, Sukra - 20 years, Sani - 19 years, Rahu - 18 years, and Ketu - 20 years. Navagraha worship may be performed in several ways such as Homa, Puja and so on. It is also performed as part of SathyaNarayana Puja. Religious services are performed for the devotees seven days a week. Special Poojas may be performed for individuals either at the Temple or at their home. The lower level serves as a Community Hall for cultural events and is available for rental.

To complete the entire Temple complex, and of course, to meet the costs of good maintenance of the existing structure, the Temple needs your continued support.

Please donate generously* (All donations are Tax-Deductible).

Future goals are:
Provide a Community hall to conduct functions.
Provide a parking space in front of the temple.
Guest houses for devotees visiting NEHTI.

Sri Lakshmi Temple
New England Hindu Temple, Inc.
117 Waverly Street
Ashland, MA 01721-1790
Fax: (508) 881-6690.
Phone: (508) 881-5775.

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