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In case you don't know me (and you probably don't!), my name is Pat and I'm a busy mother of four great (on most days!) kids- Jimmy who's 24, Jessie who's 21, Danielle who's 20 and David who's 12 years old!! I've been married to my "high school sweetheart", Jaime, for 25 years. These five people are the most important things in my life! We make our 'real life' home just outside of Houston, Texas.

We are now the proud parents of a recent 'Louisiana State University'. graduate. He has taken an IT position at University of Florida and recently asked a WONDERFUL girl to marry him! We can't wait until Amanda becomes our official daughter-in-law. Wedding date is now set for January 3, 2009!

Our older daughter Jessie changed her last name in January and she and her new husband Jerry have moved back to our town. We are so happy to have Jerry as part of our family! Not to mention lucky to have them so close to us.

Not to be outdone, Danni has also agreed to marry her long standing boyfriend, Jeremy. They have set their date for July 12 of next year. We consider ourselves VERY fortunate that our children have found wonderful people to share their lives with. We love all three of our newest family members!

I'm a self-employed accountant, which means I never get a day when I shouldn't be working on something! I've been told by friends that I'd have more free time if I had a "real" job. Among other things, I do bookkeeping for my dad's companies, Sherwood Engineering Design Services, Inc. and Talking Pinatas as well as several other small businesses. It's a great arrangement that allows me to be home with my kids as well as earn that extra cash we need for all these weddings!

I am also very active in and my church . My son and husband are very involved in Boy Scouts.

Before I discovered the Internet I had a few hobbies, including reading, Crochet , and most other forms of needlework .

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