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Hi! My name is Roxie. I'm an eight year old black Labrador Retriever. With the help of my human friend Bryan, you will find pictures of me and all my friends here, and links to other dog stuff I've found on the internet.

I love just about everyone. I'm very friendly, and just like to have fun. One of my best friends is Rupert, my cat. We've lived together since I was a pup. Another best friend is the pizza guy, who always brings me a biscuit (and then I beg for pizza as Bryan eats it, but he doesn't let me have any!!!). I'm so smart, I even know when pizza is coming...Bryan picks up that thing on the table, presses some buttons, and says 'Hi, I'd like to have a pizza delivered...', that's my cue to sit by the door, and if it's not there in 30 minutes, it's free!

About the only things I don't like are hot air balloons (we get alot of those here in Newmarket, Ontario), squirrels (and most other large rodents, including raccoons, which aren't rodents, but may as well be). I bark at the mailman and paperboy, but that's only because they come right up to the front door, but don't play with me! I'm a little nervous about kids on roller blades, but I think I'll get over that.

So, if you check out my scapbook, you'll find pictures of me doing what I do, whatever it might be, and friends of mine. And in my dog links, you'll find lot's of other interesting dogs on the internet.

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