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"I am due to be released from prison next month. I came inside when I was young and don't know what will happen when I get out. I'm trying to keep away from violence and crime but I get put in difficult situations and nobody seems to care. I want a new life with my faith in Jesus but I've no place to go on release. Please help me, I don't want to end up back inside."

The Stepping Stones Trust has been providing care and accommodation for Christian ex-offenders since 1986. Many who are released from prison are homeless and vulnerable and more than 50% re-offend within two years (up to 80% for young offenders). We provide supportive homes with residential managers, a deputy and part time staff and volunteers. We aim to reduce the risk of re-offending and encourage our residents in their Christian faith while preparing them to be integrated to the Church and restored to society.

Some members of the "Stepping Stones family" with Wandsworth Prison in the background






Care and Accomodation

We care for Christian ex-offenders on release. We provide supportive homes, encourage spiritual growth and prepare them to lead fulfilling and law-abiding lives.

Stepping Stones opened its first hostel in 1986 and now runs two homes in South London : Park View and Bridge House. Both have a warden in residence, a deputy and part time staff and volunteers.

Bridge House is one of only two hostels in this country solely dedicated to sex offenders and the only home specifically for Christians.

Park View

Our home on Clapham Common, London SW4, is operated in Partnership with Shaftesbury Housing. There are rooms for 5 men and residents can usually stay for up to a year. Referrals come from prisons all over the UK.

Matthew Hall - Project Manager
(picture right and Bible study at Park View picture below)

Bridge House

After many requests to care for men who had committed sex offences. This home was opened in London in 1993 and caters for 4 men for stays of up to 2 years. Our project manager, Carl Cockling, offers a confidential Consultancy and advice service to the wider Christian community.

Mentally disordered ex-offenders

We are currently researching a project for this type of ex-offender. The 1991 Gunn Report concluded that up to 19% of those in prison are suffering from a significant mental disturbance. .

Directory of Christian Hostels

In October 1996 we published the first directory of Christian Hostels for ex-offenders. It has been widely distributed and is welcomed by those involved in prison work as a long overdue resource.

Copies can be ordered from the contact below at 2 + p&p.


Our Newsletter is published quarterly and can be requested free from the contact below (please leave your mailing address). Current circulation is 1000 and it contains news on the work and residents of Stepping Stones as well as articles concerning the UK prison system and Criminal Justice.


We are receiving an increasing number of requests for advice on caring for Christian ex-offenders. We welcome any steps which encourage others to replicate our ministry and are available to give advice to the Christian Community concerning the care of ex-offenders and the role of the Church in this work.


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