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Let me tell you a little about me,...
I have been a Christian since 1989, I attend Evangel Temple, An Assembly Of God Church, In Jacksonville, Florida
................(THE BEST CHURCH IN THE WORLD!)

My Pastors are Cecil and Garry Wiggins... Our Church is on FIRE for JESUS, We are a missions minded Church and we are experiencing revival, God is pouring out His Spirit!...If you are looking for a home church in the Jacksonville area, please visit Evangel Temple! You will be glad you did!! We are currently in a stewardship program and have recently completed a brand new sanctuary! Praise God!! Our new sanctuary holds 3,000 people!! This is our salvation station!! Won't you join with us for the exciting future God has planned for this wonderful church!!!

Please join us and worship the KING OF KINGS you won't be DISAPPOINTED!!!...

We have three services EVERY Sunday 8:15- 10:45 AM and 6 P.M.....and revival service on Wed eve at 7:30!
After being single for many years I had a dream that I would pray and ask God for a wife, not the way most people do, but I had a dream of wanting God's best. I wanted a wife that not only had a heart for the Lord, but would always put God 1st and me 2nd. In this dream I wanted us together to place our lives on the altar and tell God here we are, please use us! Send us anywhere, we will be instruments of your peace, to spread the Gospel, reach out to those that are hurting, to be your hands extended..I knew this was not an easy life I wanted but I truly wanted a wife that is willing to invest her life into the Kingdom of God. After years of praying this prayer, through a friend, I met Adelina on the internet and we began writing. While composing a letter to her one day, I just felt "impressed" to ask her if she had a dream for her life, and when she wrote back to me, I was amazed! We shared the exact same dream!!! (For me that's God!!!!) Praise God!! (Hebrews 11:6) God has granted my wish, and this is Adelina, my beautiful wife, we were married on July 24th, 1999, she is a servant of the most high God! She served as a missionary on the island of Saipan for nine years. She taught school at the Grace Christian Academy, an Assembly of God church. Please pray for us, our marriage, and our ministry.(Matthew 28:19-20) UPDATE Baby (Jacob Collin Johnson born November 22nd, 2000... 5:51 PM, 7lbs 14 oz 21 inches long...Praise God !!!!!)

I am also an officer with the Westside Chapter of Businessman's Fellowship U.S.A.
... (formerly Full Gospel Businessman's Fellowship Int.)

Ladies are invited!! Everyone is Welcome! Come hear the Good News !
This fellowship is going on all around the world. God is pouring out his spirit in these last days and this is a time that he has called us together to pray and seek His face. Won't you make plans to come and dine with us, hear the testimonies of the great and mighty things that God is doing? We offer fellowship, breaking bread together, music and a time of ministry..... Don't miss this powerful testimony!!
..... join us and expect God to touch you!!!
We have temporarily suspended our monthly Banquets as we prepare to begin a new ministry with luncheons on the west side of Jacksonville. For more information, you can call me at 904.551-3870
TUNE IN! To hear interviews with each months speakers, please tune in
to Dr. Gylands, "Health and Happiness" radio show weekday mornings at 6:30 a.m.on WNCM F.M. 88.1...
Please join us for a great time of fellowship and testimonies, dinner and music,as we lift the name of JESUS!!

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..... Special Arrangement (Amazing Grace) & Music By...... MIKAEL B. SMITH!
.Special Thanks to the First Assembly of God in North Little Rock, Arkansas for the animated dove (Holy Spirit)!!

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