I will dedicate this page to THE TEN BROTHERS


FATHER:  Robert Shields
Born: July 4, 1744 in Harrisburg, Va.
Married:  1761
Died: 1805 in Sevier Co. Tennessee

MOTHER:  Nancy Stockton
Born:  1740
Died:  1805


The only daughter:  Janet Shields
Born:  March 7, 1762 in Augusta Co. Virginia
Married:  August 16, 1785 in Botetourt Co. Virginia to Joshua Tipton
Died:  1810 in Seymour, Indiana

Thomas Shields:
Born:  1763 in Augusta Co. Virginia
Married:  Rhonda Tipton
Died:  March 4, 1797 in Sevierville, Tennessee

Richard Stockton Shields
Born:  July 4, 1764 in Rockingham County Virginia
Married:  1783

David "Big Dave" Shields
Born:  1766 Augusta Co. Virginia
Married:  1786 to Susan Edward
Died:  Aft 1805 in Athens, Tennessee

William Shields (our descendant)
Born:  July 4, 1768 in Augusta Co. Virginia
Married:  1789 to Margaret Wilson in Sevier Co. Tennessee
Died:  September 23, 1823 in Washington Co. Indiana

John Shields
Born:  1769 in Augusta Co. Virginia
Married:  Nancy White
Died:  1815 in Athens, Tennessee

James Shields
Born:  1771 in Augusta Co., Virginia
Married:  Penelope White
Died:  February 2, 1847 in Seymour, Indiana

Robert Shields
Born:  1772 in Augusta Co. Virginia
Married:  Sabra White
Died:  1833 in Tennessee