Midland Highschool
Class of 1977
30th Year Reunion
July 14, 2007














The Midland High School Class of 1977 will hold its 30th year class reunion July 14th, 2007. 


Friday night we're meeting at the Boulevard Lounge to break ice, loosen up, and reconnect a little.  Many folks have found this makes it less stressful for those who want to sit in a corner, get comfortable, and then initiate contact.   We're not alone at the Boulevard with softball team members, another reunion in town, and Friday night but come anyway, put on a nametag so folks don't need to guess who you are, and reconnect with some friends.  


The main event is a scheduled gathering at the Ashman Court Grand Ballroom from about 7:30-12pm Saturday evening. Here is a MAP of their location.  We're not at the Great Hall this time.  If you're planning on attending,  reservation fees are now past due.  I built a minimal amount of slack time so now's the time to act.    Get on the phone and call me or one of the other reunion planners.  If you're planning on attending, use the online payment method below to make it happen after you let us know.   I have a few more hours to get final numbers together.  Don't wait!  If you somehow have made it 30 years without a credit or debit card, call me (see bottom).


Sunday we've recommended that folks try out a Loons Minor League baseball game.  See http://www.loons.com/  for all you'll ever want to know about the Loons Baseball team.


Just in case you want to wander around and refresh your memory of the area, or really aren't a baseball fanatic, see:

www.ourmidland.com  for current news and this travel guide  to remind you that this town has a lot for a town it's size.


It's too late to get your narrative is for the hardcopy version that has already been printed but I still add your information to the database and at the end of the reunion weekend will post instruction on how to download your own digital version which you can print or save.   There will be restricted access since some classmates do not want items posted for public viewing on a website.  I'll have instructions later. Let us know what’s going on with your and your family by filling out your personal story here!


If you're the type of person who needs to know who's coming in order to decide to come, well here it is:   Click here for a list of responders.   If your friend isn’t coming, help me encourage them to do so!   If you just can't remember anyone from high school, or suffer from early senility, here are some links to refresh your memory:


See our  graduating class list   

and  a list of 74-77 classmates  attending school in our class 1974-1977 as determined by yearbooks from that period.


I still want to keep our database current.  If you know where these “lost classmates”  are, don't keep it a secret.  I’ve used email, snail mail, Google, and word of mouth to get the word out.   If you somehow got overlooked, don’t take it personally.  We want you to come whether you graduated or not.



Call David Misner first, prior to any payment.  I get charged a fee so I have to charge $36.50/ea for your $35 charge but that's the cost of the envelope and stamp these days.  Use the shopping cart button below and follow the directions.




For further information:


David B. Misner or any member of

The Midland HS Class of 1977 Reunion Committee

PO Box 195

Dupont, WA 98327


This website is at:   www.oocities.org/mhs1977.geo

Many of us our also on Classmates.com


New email listing of classmates

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Dow High school Webpage

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