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Thanks for stopping by, I am new to this so this page will undoubtedly change quite often. Let me tell you about myself and my family. I am the mother of six children. Lauren, 21 is in college in New York, Marisha, 17 is finished with high school and working, Jenna, 15 is in 10th grade at a public school, Neely, 13 is homeschooled and works at home and has a paper route and babysits and Hannah who is 10 is also homeschooled and helps with the papers and hopes to be babysitting soon. That's right, there are 5 girls in this house and my dear husband is very outnumbered. Now if you have counted you will note only 5 children. Well this summer on July 21st we welcomed another child into our lives and yes, you guessed it, we had a BOY!!! Ethan Samuel is 2 months old now and truly a joy in our lives. We have been homeschooling for the last 15 years, or rather unschooling. The girls have their choice to go to school at the 9th grade level and the Lauren decided to go and completed high school at a public school. Marisha decided to finish her work at home and took the GED test at age 16 and passed so she is done. Jenna started school last year and who knows what the others will choose. I am a La Leche League Leader and strong breastfeeding advocate as well as having an interest in homebirth and homeopathy.( I will be sharing some of my favorite web sites on these subjects.

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