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Welcome to Troy's Home Page in Virginia Beach! Summer has ended and with it the Hurricanes have come as well. Florida got hit hard but the tail end came up here and dump water on us. Fortunately, with October hopefully they, the hurricanes, will slow down for all. Check out my 4 pages by clicking the leftmost icons (bike, camera, etc.). And please be sure to see the newest addition in the Photo Album, Ginseng our Netherland Dwarf Rabbit (GinGin died Jan. 4, 2003). Browse on through all 4 pages and have fun. You can also read "If God had a PC when he created the Earth. And finally the newest page The Chicago Tripamers

Also please look at my home page at Troy's Cox Home Page.

Glad you got here. Stay around awhile.

Troy T in Virginia Beach VA

Moving Troy

Hello from Virginia Beach Virginia at the south east corner of the State and the border of North Carolina. One of our most interesting points is the Atlantic Ocean and our beach. The City has a five mile boardwalk which is presently being updated. The sand is great and the water is wonderful. Come pay us a visit.

The Beach in July 1996

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