Hylton, Hilton, Helton Virginia Genealogy

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Genealogy and Notes from Virginia Records

  • History of the Hylton Name
    Different Spellings and Early Records
  • The Hylton Name in Virginia
    My Genealogy and Research
  • Photographs
    Some photographs of my ancestors
  • The Hylton Families of Old England
    Research from an English Hylton Descendent
  • The St. Marys County Maryland Hyltons
    Ancestors of the North Carolina and Scott County VA Hiltons
  • The Hiltons of Kentucky
    Coming Eventually
  • The New England Hiltons
    New Hampshire Hiltons (Note: large file 300k)
  • Notes from British Records
    Explorers, Privateers, and Colonists
  • Other Names in my Genealogy
    Cox, Quesenberry, Mabry, Simpkins, Hollandsworth, Goad
  • E-Mail
    Comments, Requests, Suggestions, etc.
  • FAQ
    Info about me and this web site

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