Here it is the new and improved (again) Redsunset's Place!  Its not been easy making this but I'm doing the best I can.  So sit back and enjoy.  I have several links for you to see and my Endangered Species Page is full of information. Just a note:  I did the Endangered Species Page for a few personal reasons.  One is that I find myself looking outside and see what's going on around me. I keep hoping that we might try to find some sort of solution for the problem.  But instead we spend a lot of time finding blame.  There is nobody  to blame but ourselves.  When I see how things are being handled and wonder why.  Why are we allowing these things to happen?  I  am a full believer that we have to take responsibility for various things that have happen to our past and what will happen to our future.  To our KIDS future.  Get a clue people!  Wake up and smell the coffee.

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