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Hi my name is Debbie, I am a 47 year old female and I am married. I have about one half of a dozen children...some I have loved since they were born...others I have chose to love as I came to know them. My husband is Terry, he is 52 years old and works for a law firm in Missouri...he is not an attorney... he is the computer guru there :~) Terry and I have six beautiful grandchildren. I love children and have taken a very PERSONAL INTREST in trying to protect MY CHILDREN as well as the children of Missouri from child molestors. There is Alison she is 33 married to a dollbaby of a man, Corey, together they have 4 children. Amy is 31, married 2004 to a sweetheart, Michael they have 2 handsome little boys. Joshua he is 26 and graduated Sept 2002 from ITT now he is working towards his youth ministries degree, he married a beautiful young lady named Leah in 2005 and they have a beautiful baby girl. Angela is 25 years old, She was married in 2005 to a wonderful young man named Rodney and are expecting thier first baby (a girl) in August 2008. Dustin is 20... has his GED... is attending college and has a job at Joe's Crab Shack he is also a piercing artist and has future goals of opening a tattoo/piercing parlor. Last but not least... Jacqui is 18 and graduated high school in 2008, she is getting ready to attend college. She appears to be a bit boy crazy but I'm hoping this too shall pass :~/. I have alot of interests and hobbies such asGENEALOGY and you can click on the words GENEALOGY or SURNAMES and it will take you to my information. If you should need more info...feel free to email me.I am also working on theFort Zumwalt class of 1978's home page.

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