NCHS Class of 1968

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    The NCHS fight song is available on CD, performed by the Naperville Municipal Band. I was going to post it, but the *.wav file is huge and the disc is copyrighted (ahem). So get your copy from the Naperville Municipal Band, Box 474, Naperville, Ill., 60540.

    From Left: Jay Wheeler, Mike Barenbrugge, Tim Farrell, Jeanne Dubeau, Karen (Simons) Bowen and Barbara (Heidorn) Hageman before a volleyball game at Centennial Beach, Aug. 15, 1998.

    From Left: John "Bill" Baird, Rich Hayhurst and Larry Harvat, Pizza Party, VWF Hall, Naperville, Ill., Aug. 15, 1998.

    From Left: Larry Harnisch, Mike Henderson, Rich Hayhurst, John "Bill" Baird, Larry Harvat and Karen (Simons) Bowen.

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  • Blast From the Past: Listen to an hourlong segment from WLS, Jan. 1, 1966, but you must have Real Audio. Art Roberts on WLS

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