Honor Our World War II Veterans

Below is a list of World War II Veteran Websites that I have visited and given the World War II Veteran Website Award. If you know of a site that qualifies for this award, please let me know. I would really like to honor these great men and women for sharing their memories, thoughts and war stories with us.

Dave Friederich's WW2 Navy Page David A. Friederich, U.S. Navy - Coxswain. Served on the U.S.S. CASSEOPEIA AK 75 and the USS CHARLES CARROLL APA 28 shares his Memoirs. A must read!
From Butte to Iwo JimaWilliam T. Paull, U. S. Marine Corps - Captain's WWII Memoirs. Very powerful reading.
USS Salt Lake City CA25 Heavy Cruiser.Website honoring the Veterans of this ship. It is loaded with pictures and personal stories from the Veterans as well as the History of the USS SLC.
The Sepal's Story Norwegian Intelligence Bases, etc.
Timberwolf Artifacts This web site is dedicated to the W.W.II 104th Army Infantry Division, better known as the "Timberwolves", under the command of Major General Terry Allen.
The 70th Infantry Division Association Homepage By S. K. Dixon
WWII U.S. Veterans Website Dick Berry, U.S. Navy
Merrill's Marauders 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional)
Planes and Pilots of World War Two On-Line Magazine This site features articles written by WWII aviation veterans.
The 100th Infantry Division This website is dedicated to the Soldiers of the 100th Infantry Division who, loving Life, wedded Death so that Freedom could remain immortal.
Dedicated to the Men of the 150th Combat Engineer Battalion". The 150th Combat Engineer Battalion was formed in New England, back in 1943. Unlike most military groups, it consisted of men drafted here in the New England area.
U.S.S. Champlin DD-601. This web site is dedicated to the Officers and Crew of the USS Champlin DD-601, commissioned September 12, 1942 and decommissioned January 31, 1947.
LCT 376 Home Port. This Page Is dedicated to the Amphibious Man.

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