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You will be surprised at just how long they have been working on this project!

The banner is from a picture taken from the Space Shuttle while flying over the Pacific Ocean. The white cloud formation is a very well defined hurricane.

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HAPPY 40th birthday NASA!

Current Shuttle Flight Info can be found here!

Hat's off to John Glenn for his (long overdue) flight!

Read our "Early Space Programs: Things that went BOOM often! to appreciate John Glenn's original flight!

Hi! We are a South Texas Family who keeps up (somewhat) with NASA activities, and we would like to introduce your family to some of that!

Our family consists of JET and Taylorj, and three older teenage sons. It is not unusual to see from 2-5 other older teens here as well. We usually have a full house! It is also not uncommon to see the young men lying on the roof watching for satellites as they pass over (you can see them at dusk, and several if you know what to look for!). We also have 2 satellite dishes out front, and one is always tuned to NASA Select! Now you can imagine what it must look like at dusk, with young men on the roof looking at the stars and 2 big satellite dishes pointed somewhat upwards! Even funnier, if there is a Shuttle up, we may have a crowd in the yard looking up at the stars, and believe it or not, most of our neighbors do not have a clue why we are all out there! We have had many stares from folks driving by, and often kid each other with comments such as "Do you see our Mother Ship yet?!

In addition, both JET and Taylorj are part of SAAA, one of the largest Astronomy clubs in the United States. JET is an executive board member and both JET and Taylorj are part of a committee called "Rick's Rats". The 'Rats' go to schools, parks, public meeting places and bring our telescopes to put on 'public star parties'. Each of us point our telescopes at different things in the night sky and let those that attend look through them while we explain a little bit about what they are seeing. We are also part of another committee that help new members get aquainted with other members and help those that are just learning the night sky! Please visit the link to the SAAA web site! http://www.stic.net/users/merlin/saaa.htm 
(It was featured in the September edition of 'Sky and Telescope' magazine). 

Did you know that the Astronauts and their families are no different than your family? Other than the fact that their commute to work sometimes is slightly farther, there isn't much difference. The Astronauts section is all about some of the current NASA Astronauts and their families (at least what we will be able to find). Included here also will be Candidate requirements. I think you will be surprised at the qualifications! 

The NASA Space Program has been an interest of many members of this family for quite sometime. When JET and Taylorj were small, NASA did not even exist. Family Interests will tell you more about us and how we got interested in the space program, including what our family is like today! Learn about NASA's well kept secret: NASA TV for the public, and what is aired. And find out why several times a year, we get out of bed in the wee hours of the morning and go outside to look towards the west! Awesome!

The Mercury and Gemini programs were very exciting programs for those of us who remember the early 1960's. Do you remember those enormous rockets and the small capsules that held the Astronauts? Did you ever watch a launch or splashdown? We will take a look back at the early space programs, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Space Lab, the Astronauts who flew those missions, and how it paved the way for what we are seeing to day! We will also bring you up to date on Shuttle Activities, and what the Shuttle program has brought us, and what you can expect in the year 2000....

NASA's educational program is super! We will list for you many different ways you can participate at home in the NASA Educational program, as well as special programs that NASA has waiting for you school! Direct contact with NASA Astronauts while they are in flight, rocket programs as after school activities, Robotics, many other things all waiting for you or your school to make a call.

Space stations, more efficient re-useable space vehicles, life in space, space exploration. From History, to present and future, we will bring to you exactly what is on the drawing board. You will be very surprised.

Our NASA Connections: We know this retired gentleman who lives in the Southwest who has direct NASA connections as a volunteer. What does he do? HINT: It has to do with Mission Control, and tracking the Shuttle while in orbit. We will introduce you to our friend Dave!

Other Family friendly (and fun) Space related web sites!

Visit The Planet Arrington E-Zine!
Cop a PLANETude!
(Thanks Michael for adding our web site link from yours!)

Roger Balettie gave us this award!

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Thanks Roger!
Please visit his web site by clicking on the award or by going to this link: http://members.aol.com/ramjetfdo
Roger is a former FDO (Flight Dynamics Officer) from NASA and spent many years with them. Their web site is facinating and will give you a look at both Roger's current life as well as Roger's days with NASA.

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