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Hi everybody, my name is Jenny. Just so you can get an idea of who I am before we go any further, here are some photos of me and my family:

This is one of me by myself

This is my beautiful little boy David.

This is me and my boyfriend Stu We are also expecting another little boy this September. yay!

I have many interests including writing, reading, shopping and of course hanging out with Stu and David. The most important thing in the world to me is my family. I just could not live without them. My parents are still together. Their names are Barbara and Les. I also have two younger sisters, Alison and Rachel.

I also have a dog. His name is Kheo. He is a Japanese Akita.

There really is not a lot to tell of myself. As I mentioned earlier, I am expecting a little boy in September and am not currently working. I probably spend way too much time in front of this computer. We currently live in a house in Deer Park, a small suburb of Melbourne. Stu works as a tiler and David is currently in grade 2 at Calder Rise Primary school in Keilor. I am the secretaey for the PFA at the school which doesn't really keep me very busy. My main interets on the computer at the moment are playing sims online, chatting on yahoo messenger (id = peril25au) and going into certain forums to have my say. You can usually find me at least at one of theses places.

That is probably all you need to know about me for the moment.

I would also like to thank this little man below for inspiring me to keep fit!

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