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A Little Bit About Myself:

I graduated from the University of Michigan in 1990. I moved out to Silicon Valley at the end of May of 1990. In August of 1990, I got a job offer from Aspect Telecommunications. I started working on September 4th, 1990 and worked there until October 31st, 1997. I was a senior software engineer working on developing Windows applications for Aspect. On November 10th, 1997, I joined Marimba. Marimba went IPO on April 30th 1999 and is listed as MRBA on NASDAQ. Marimba sells products for the distribution of software over the internet or intranets. On July 12th of 2000, I joined Tellme Networks. Tellme was a pre IPO company which is trying to create voice portals. Just think of it as being able to get information you might find on the web by calling a phone number and speaking commands. On July 27th, 2001 I stopped working at Tellme. I decided it was time to take a few months off from working and do some more traveling. On December 2nd, 2002, I joined TimesTen a private company that sells real time event processing software. TimesTen was acquired by Oracle in July of 2005. Also regarding former companies I worked at, Aspect merged with Concerto in Sept 2005. Marimba was acquired by BMC in April 2004 and Tellme was acquired by Microsoft in March of 2007.

I have participated in a lot of different activities such as scuba diving, softball, mountain biking, and rollerblading. Currently, I spend a night a week playing indoor volleyball and sometimes on weekends in tournaments. When winter rolls around I also enjoy alpine skiing. If I've gone skiing, I'm probably on black or blue runs at Squaw, Alpine, Kirkwood, or Sugar Bowl. Eventually I hope to pick up snowboarding, but haven't mastered it the first two times I've tried it. About once or twice a month I enjoy a round of golf with my buddies. I shoot in the 110s-120s for 18 holes. Not great, but I don't care, I'm still having fun out there. I've taken a few beginner Swing dancing classes. I have also done some traveling in my life. I've traveled to the following places in the world: the Bahamas (1987), Taiwan Study Tour (1989), Eurailed thru Europe (1994: London, Edinborough, Bruge, Paris, Vienna, Prague, Florence, Venice, Rome, Monocco, Switzerland), Peru (1999: Inca Trail and Amazon), Hong Kong (and Macau) in November of 2000. Went on Safari's in East Africa and a tour of Egypt and the Nile in August-Sept 2001.

I bought a house in Sunnyvale in August of 1996. Its an older 4 bedroom/2.5 bath place, about 1450 sq feet in a nice quiet neighborhood.

I have two dogs. Scout I saw at the Humane Society of Santa Clara even before I finished signing the papers on my house. He looked so scared there. I picked him up the same day I picked up the keys to my house. Scout has a very friendly personality and is very submissive. He also has really soft fur. About 8 months later I adopted Hershey, also from the HS of SC because I thought Scout needed a friend while I was gone during the day. Hershey is very shy/scared of strangers, and is always urging Scout to play. She can be a little hyper active and shows more anxiety than Scout whenever I leave. Here are pictures of my dogs, Scout and Hershey. Another Scout picture and another Hershey picture.

Old Photos

me, and my former roommates, Neal and Alfred, 1996
Vatican City in Fall of 1994
Dive trip off the coast of Maui in Fall of 1995
My volleyball team at the Vegas Tourney, April 1998

Bay Area Dining (Places that I enjoy)

Palo Alto
Three Seasons - Vietnamese
MacArthur Park - California cuisine
Mango Cafe - Jamaican, spicy food
Max's - desserts
Cafe CreoLa - New Orleans cuisine

Crustacian - for the best crab
Fog City Diner - atmosphere, appetizers
Max's - desserts
Yank Sing - Dim Sum

La Fondue - Romantic

Santa Clara
Parcel 104
Pizza Chicago

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