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Why this site?

Mainly, the net is full with a lot of junk. I wanted to see a sight were any G-d fearing Jew could pop in, without filthing his soul.

But why Humor?

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.הננרב וינפל ואוב החמשב 'ה תא ודבע
"Ivdu es Hashem B'SIMCHA".
Happiness is a crucail part of serving HASHEM.
The Torah also talks about the punishment man recieves "Tachas asher lo avadeta es HASHEM Elokeicha BSIMCHA u'vtoov levav".
בבל בוטבו החמשב םכיקולא 'ה תא םתדבע אל רשא תחת

- Not that you didn't serve HASHEM, you served HASHEM, but it wasn't out of happiness.
Of course, true happiness isn't just jokes and humor, it's the inner happiness HASHEM wants.

So again, Why humor?

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אכיא היל רמא .היבג והילא חיכש הוה ,טפל יבד אקושב חיכש הוה האזוח אקורב יבר
יכהו יכהדא ... ארבג אוההל אזח יכהו יכהדא .אל היל רמא ?יתאד אמלע רב אקוש יאהב
יאמ :והל רמא ,והייבגל לזא .והנינ יתאד אמלע ינב ימנ ךנה היל רמא יתא .ירת ךנה ותא
תיאד ירת יב ןניזח יכ ימנ יא .יביצע ןניחדבמ ,ןנא יחודב ישניא היל ורמא ?וכיידבוע
:אמלש והל ןנידבעו ןניחרט והיידהב ארגית והל
א/בכ ףד תינעת

Well, if you didn't understand that, here's kinda translation of the main theme:
(Ta'anis 22a) Rabbi Bruka used to sit in the market, and Eliyahu (HaNavi) was common by him. Rabbi Bruka asked Eliyahu if there is anyone in this market who merits a part in Olam HaBa (the world to come / paradise), and Eliyahu answered - no. ... Along came 2 men, and Eliyahu said that these 2 have a part in Olam HaBa. Rabbi Bruka asked them - what do you do (understandable as: what merit's you a part in Olam HaBa)? And they answered:
"INSHI BDUCHI ANAN, MEBADCHINAN ATZIVI". We make (sad) people happy.

And Eliyahu HaNavi calls them "bnei Olam HaBa".

So, if I can get a few people to smile while reading this, "Vhaya zeh Chelki", it was worthwile.

And we should be zocheh to
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.ארונהו לודגה 'ה םוי אב ינפל איבנה הילא תא םכל חלוש יכנא הנה
.םתובא לע םינב בלו םינב לע תובא בל בישהו

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