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Me and my family.
My name is Cindy and I live in Connecticut.
I am years old.
I am married. My husband's name is Joe. He is years old.
I have 3 daughters, Kyann, Keely and Joleen. They are adorable.
Do I have to tell you more?

About me.
I work at a nursing home on the 11pm-7am shift.
My hobbies are swimming, chatting on the net and Nascar races.
I have made alot of friends on the net to name a few...

Wife Sweetness Love Cathy Blade runner
Ernie Deep CCWaterback Chief Guide
Wrangler Karen Hscounselor Tbird dimplebutt
ID pH Legs Azure Mr.Ed
Whatever Vegimite ...and to everyone else I might have forgotten: Sorry!

If you want to chat with me then go to HealthyChoice ChatRooms.
When HC is down ...again .. you can find me on Category5.
Sometimes you will find me on Ultracure.
Go visit the pages of my Cyberhubby. He wrote some poems for me.
Or visit his best friend's homepage.

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