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July 20th Hot. Will be Home in a couple of weeks

St John's Newfoundland home of the Cabot Tower

Hi, Yes I am a townie. Now living in Ft. McMurray. Left St. John's in 74 joined the Army. Moved to Ft. McMurray in 1980 to seek other work, because there was little or no work back home. Still in Ft. McMurray and we go home every summer. Looking forward to retiring by the sea. Alberta and Albertans have been excellent, we will return for visits every year to enjoy the friendships we have made over the years. :)

Getting ready to move back home to our new house in Paradise

Will be bringing our new workhorse with plough as we are aware of the snow, also a great toy for the cabin



" "Taken August 2001 in St John's with Belle"


PHOTOS of PALS we met on line over the years. Still friends with many and always will be.


Download mIRC here or Download mIRC-16-bit here

" " Unfortunately Bowzer has passed on, He was a Great companion who use cheer us up when we were down. He was compassionate and would come lay his head upon your lap when he sensed something was not right. Memories of Bowzer will always exist and continue to bring a smile upon our faces when we recall the good times he gave us. " "

Blynky at Quidi Vidi village (The Gut)

Cabot Tower on Signal Hill where Marconi sent the first wireless message in 1901.

Cape Spear, the most easterly point in North America Watch yer back cause everyone in North America is behind ya.

Look Right as you enter the narrows of St. John's Harbour, What A View!

The Narrows is the entrance to the protected St.John's Harbour

Links to other sites on the Web

St.John's, Facts & History
Newfoundland "our IRC chat channel has a home page, CHECK IT OUT great job by Midnite, thanx mid
Angelfish :)
Sandra and the Leafs

Mish known as tigrkiss our good friendly friend in Norway



St. John's Harbour Cam>>New Shot every 5 minutes

Visit the page of


Townette is Robin, My Niece, in Mount Pearl


{OUR NEWEST MEMBER BROGAN, Clancy's Newfoundland Dog}}},


Here are some scenes from our

Ft. McMurray


Ft. McMurray, More than just Oil Sands here.


My fishing page with good friends in mind


{OUR NEWEST MEMBER BROGAN, Clancy's Newfoundland Dog},

NEW ENTRIES December 2004

{Remembering our Visit to Nova Scotia then the drive back home with Clancy {Gloria and Mike} 2001

{OUR Visit back home 2003,


" " Our Cabin, August 2004 " "

" " Installing a new pine ceiling in our cabin, August 2004 " "

" " Taken at The Gut, Quidi Vidi,August 2004 " "

" " This photo was taken from the 3rd floor of the Downhomer shop on Water Street, August 2004 " "

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