The Gilbert Family!



August 1999

Hi! We are the Gilbert family!

We're happy to have you visit! Let me tell you a bit about us.

Bob is the Dad. He has a farm and dairy and milk processing plant that he shares with his family. He grows alfalfa and corn which keeps him very busy. When not working, he likes to hunt and builds coffee table size pioneer covered wagons, with all the little tools, so neat! It gives him something to craft during the winter.

Heceta Head Lighthouse, July 2000

Kathleen is the Mom. She likes spending time with her kids and ends up must of time running them around. She enjoys researching the family genealogy. Kathleen has a love for Celtic music and British comedies, loves to read, is interested in antiques and would love to make an english garden!

Jason and Vicky
Jason and Vicki, Feb. 2002

Our oldest is Jason. He's 25 and is in graduate school working on his Doctorate at the University of Michigan in Astro Pyhsics, he is in the Space program there and we are excited at what he will learn! Jason served his mission for our church dealing with the deaf and is a certified interpreter in American Sign Language. Jason is also married to a lovely girl named Vicki from Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Kevin leaving for his mission in July 2000.....

and arriving in New Zealand, August 2000

Kevin is 22. He is attending collage in Hawaii where he is learning to surf and lives right next to the beach. He is majoring in International business and Accounting. Now if I can just save up the money to go visit him!

Nathan on mission
Nathan, February 2002

Nathan is 20. He is on a mission for our church in Denver, Colorado. He loves fishing and ties his own flies. He also likes to go target shooting with his Dad.

Whit Basketball
Whit Soccer
Whitney and some of her sports, sophmore in high school

Whitney is 17. She is in 12th grade! She is involved in school sports like basketball, softball and soccer and drill team! After watching boy sports for so many years we are now getting used to the girl sports! It's fun. :o)

Lindsey, school 2001

Lindsey in Toronto, Canada our big summer trip, summer of 2001. A 6,000 mile round trip!

Lindsey is 15. She is in 9th grade. She plays soccer, basketball and softball and is also on the Drill Team. Both girls are very busy, now when can they find time to clean their room? Let me know!

Jason, Vicki & Nathan, after seeing the Olympic torch pass
through Provo, Utah on Feb. 5th, 2002

I love doing genealogy! Right now I am doing research in the counties of Glamorgan,Monmouth,Carmarthen, and Brecon in southern Wales. The names are Phillips,Lewis,Rowe,Hancock,Rees,Thomas, and Evans.

My other families are from U.S.,England,Denmark,and Switzerland,

My husbands families are from Scotland,U.S.,England and Denmark.

If you know the state or country the surname you are researching is from, then please check out my origin page, and see if we have a match!

I also have a page of all our surnames in alphabetical order.

To see our SURNAMES!

States and Countries of our Surnames

To see our FAMILY TREE

Do you need some neat places to start digging up your family history? Try some of our more frequently used Genealogy Links to find some wonderful sites
Caleb Johnson's Mayflower Webpage
Royal and Noble Genealogical Data on the Web

featured February 2001

Bob and Kathy Gilbert

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Thanks so much for coming! Take care!

Pob hwyl!
(welsh for every greeting!)