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So, you have heard about the Hungarian Jews! Pious Rabbanim and Nobel prized scientists, film makers and comedians, writers and philsophers...They are all going to be here, once this site is ready. We ask for your patience and hope to see you soon!

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Home of Hungarian Jewish Genealogists

Here is the Family Tree of Adam Purjesz

Please remember the 600.000 Hungarian Jews killed in the Shoah! About 4000 of them were living in Tolna county of Hungary. The list of names will be published on this homepage.

First part of names of martyrs from Dombovar, Tolna county

Second part of martyrs names from Dombovar, Tolna county

Names of martyrs from Pincehely, Tolna county

Names of martyrs from Gyonk, Tolna county

Statistics of Jewish Residents of Tolna county in 1941

Names of martyrs from Bonyhad, Tolna county

Names of martyrs from Harc and Kurd, Tolna county

Names of martyrs Tolna county, including full data from the planned database

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