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Disclaimer: this page is a personal fan page dedicated to VeggieTales. I am in no way affilliated with Big Ideas, the producer of VeggieTales. But I wish I was.

Hi! Welcome to the Veggie Tales Fan Club, the meeting place for ALL "Veggie Tales" fans. Here are some random facts about Veggie Tales: (don't you love how I get right to the point?)

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Okay, we all know about "Josh and the Big Wall" by now, don't we? (If we don't, maybe we need to get out more often...) Anyway, the "What's New" section IS supposed to contain information on NEW stuff, isn't it? (I gotta stop asking so many questions - this is starting to sound like one of my Social Studies tests)Well, "Josh" isn't exactly new; six months is twice the life span of your normal guppy (or at least at our house...), so I need something else to put here. I'll get back to you when I think of something! (I'll take any and all suggestions!) In the mean time, I left the picture up there cause I like it and I can't think of anywhere else to put it.

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Cool Veggie Tales Quotes

"I AM THAT HERO!" - Larry-Boy

"Boot, you transistorized tormentor, BOOT!" - Alfred (aka Archibald), speaking to his computer

"Mouse Trap. I wanted to play Mouse Trap. You role your dice, you move your mice. Nobody gets hurt." - Bob

"Couldn't you just play your harp and I'll trow things at you?" - King Saul played by Archibald Asparagus

"Hello, children! It's nice to meet you, now go away!" - the French Peas

"Look! I'm a Larry-go-round!" - Larry-Boy

"Aren't you wired? online? surfin' the web? HTML, good buddy." - Larry

And of course......
"I'm Bob! I'm a tomato, and I'm here to help you!" - I think it's obvious

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