Barbara B.Schaeffer

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I have been a Watercolorist since 1992. Prior to that I worked with oils and pastels.

I have studied with the following artists in group classes: Ted Betts, John Young, Deborah Ellis, Gwen Bragg, Judy Wengrovitz, Jane Simanis, Helen Dilly Barsalou, and currently with Margaret Kranking and Dr. Ed Longley.


Member the Art League (Torpedo Factory), Rossmor Art Guild, Olney Art Association andTreasurer of Springfield Art Guild.

Most Recent Juried Shows

Woodlawn Conference Center November 2001

Green Springs Garden September 2001

Strathmore Hall January 2001

Quiet Waters Park September 2000

Green Springs Garden  October 2000

The Art League (Torpedo Factory) October 1999

Green Springs Garden October 1999

The Art League(Torpedo Factory) January 1999


Cover Arthritis Today (Western Australia) Summer 1999

Cover Consultant Pharmacist December 2000


Cover Consultant Pharmacist February 2001

Cover Consultant Pharmacist July 2001

To read the article about Me in "Arthritis Today" Click here

My Painting of "The Hawk" is on the cover of a later edition                         


In January , 2001 I sent a letter to the editor of the magazine to update my  life with Rheumatoid Arthritis Click Here

In April, 2002 I sent a follow up letter to the editor of the magazine on my battle with Rheumatoid ArthritisClickHere                                                                                                                                                       

My Latest Works
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My  Second Magazine Cover and the painting as it appeared
       in the magazine,"Consultant Pharmacist"

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The Third Magazine Cover and the painting as it appeared in the magazine  

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The Fourth Magazine Cover and inside artwork

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I have  incorporated prints of these and other Watercolors and Collages on to informal note paper and these are available, with envelopes, for purchase.

To view the paintings  individually




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