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Welcome to my homepage. The reason for my page is so that I can list surnames of all the ancestors that caused us, my family, to be in this world. I, as mother to four children, want them to know more of their ancestory than their father did. A warning to anyone not interested in will probably find my page boring. I hope that you, the visitor, will read these names and share with me anything you might have on them.

We live just about where the three colors of the state of Texas intersect. Our ancestors came to this part of Texas in the mid 1800s from other parts of the state,having come to Texas earlier from various other states. As you scroll down my list , those I have the most information on are "click-able", meaning there will be more information on another page. I have listed my husband's lines first. You will find my list after a break marked by flowers.For a brief history of Coleman County Texas click here.

*Naron,first known-Thomas, who died in 1782 in N.Car.and then his son Eli (NC pre 1800,SC 1800-1803, GA & Al.1803-1842,Miss. 1842-1894, Tx, 1894-1996)
Cook,no info
Miller,first known-William F. born about 1820 in N.Car.,died in Texas after 1874, and then his son Sterling Thomas(NC 1820, Tn.1830,TX.1850-1996)
Fowler(GA abt 1850 to TX.

*Lee,first known-Robert Lee born 1803 in N.Car., died 1850 in Ill. then his son James Mitchell Lee (NC pre 1800, Tn. 1820-1835,Ill.1835-1870, Tx. 1870-1996)
Dewberry,first proved William F.(Ga. 1820-1876,Tx.1876-1996,)
Evans,first known Isom Evans born 1820 in Haywood County N.Car., died 1907 in Mills County Texas(NC 1820-1850, Ark. 1851-1878, Tx. 1878-1996)
Gadberry,first known Andrew Jackson Gadberry born 1816-1820 in TN., died 1902 in Lampasas County Texas(Tn 1820,Ill.1850,Kansas,1862-1865, Ark.1865-1874 Tx.and Ok.1874-1996),
Nosley (unresearched)
Trammell-first researched- Jacob B. born 1791 in S.Car. , died 1860 in Macon County N.Car. (NC pre 1800,Ark,Tx.)
Angel,(abt 1875 Tx.)
Wilson,(Tn abt 1800, abt 1840 Al.Tx.)
Johnson (unresearched) ,
Lackey, (unresearched)
Mitchell (Tn. 1807-unresearched) Mitchell appears again in Tx. 1878,marrying into the Evans family .

* Cupps>,first known- John Lewis Cupps born 1820-1824 in PA. , died 1905 in MO., while on a visit from Texas {I really need help on him !!}(Pa.and Ind. pre 1820- 1868, Iowa, Mo.1871-1884,Tx.1884-1996,(Some branches to Ok.)
Trowbridge,(From Thomas Trowbridge imigrant of 1637)
Parkinson (unresearched Pa.,Ohio, Ind,)
Morris,(unresearched Pa.)
Gillson,(unresearched, Iowa)

*Baugh,first known - one of three Bartlet Baughs born in Va. about 1774, mine died in Williamson County TN. in 1843.We are certain that he was the son of John Baugh who died about 1790 in Prince Edward Co. VA., although we haven't been able to prove it. We can document down from James Martin Baugh , my great great grandfather.(pre 1700 Va.early 1800 Tn.primarily in Williamson Co.,1875 to Texas.)
Stacy,(1700s-1839 Va., 1839-1856 Tn.,1876-1996 Tx.)
Neely,for now most of research on this family is centered in Williamson County, TN.,starting in the early 1800s.
Gray, Blackburn, Wells, Lynch (These are some of the ancestors on the Baugh line)

Thomason/Thomasson,(early 1800s NC,1830s Tn.,1852 to Tx.)

Bell,the first known in this line is Silas Bell born about 1790 in VA.,married first Lucretia Walker in 1811 in Wayne Co.KY., 2nd Eleanor Wallace in Tenn. in 1826. Spent time in GA.then came to Texas before 1860

Walker,Thomas in VA.,then James Sr.who spent several years in KY. before coming to Texas as a member of Austin's Colony. James Walker married Catherine Miller in 1783 in Greenbrier Co. W. VA. Their known children were ; James Jr., Gideon, Charles, Thomas, Catherine, Lucretia who married Silas Bell above, Lucinda and Susanna.

There are of course alot of other connecting names and some that we have not discovered yet. The search has been enjoyable and productive, yet flusterating at times. We feel it is worthwhile. Our "Thanks" to everyone that has helped us in any way. Please visit some of my favorite links and meet some of my Chat friends . I are sorry that the page does not allow room to list them all.

If you find any names that match yours PLEASE email me.

I would appreciate any information you have and will gladly share with you.

Genealogy is not my only interest, but it does take quite a bit of my time ! In addition to genealogy,I enjoy needle work, sewing,and spending time with my husband, children and grandchildren. I also enjoy quite walks on our farm with two cats and two dogs trailing along.

"And thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth, and thy shalt spread abroad to the west, and to the east,and to the north, and to the south : and in thee and in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed" Gen. 28:14

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