Cupps-Baugh Family Lineage

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William Henry Cupps was born 27 November 1893 in Johnson County Texas, while his parents Reed Vance Cupps and Mary Lena Trowbridge were there to pick cotton for relatives. They actually lived in Coleman County Texas at the time. He married Dixie Vio Baugh 18 December 1918 in Coleman County Texas. William died 23 January 1971 in Coleman County Texas.

Reed Vance Cupps was born 26 July 1858 in Washington County PA. He was the son of John Lewis Cupps and his second wife, Mary. About the time of the Civil War the family began to move to Indiana,Iowa, Missouri and Texas. Reed Vance married Mary Lena Trowbridge in Bosque County Texas 27 September 1885. Their children were Cordelia Loretta Elizabeth 1887-1890, Clara Ann 1888-1971, Laura Julia 1891-1966, William Henry 1893-1971, Elmer Roscoe 1897-1978, Frances Bacon 1899-1962, Helen Rhoda 1902-1996, Celeste Virginia 1906-1995. Reed Vance Cupps died 1 November 1934 in Coleman County Texas.

John Lewis Cupps is the first our family has been able to find documentation on of our Cupps line. Census reports show he was born in PA. in 1820-24. He and his first wife (name unknown) had two children Samuel in 1847 and Su Anna in 1849. His second wife was Mary ___?(believed to be Parkinson) and they had : John James 1852-1924, George Jacob or Jacob George 1854-1928, William Daniel 1856-1940,Reed Vance 1858-1934, Elizabeth Jane 1860-1909, Twins, Benjamin Henry 1863-1941 and Solomon Mc 1863-1941. 1 August 1866 in Greene County Indiana, John Lewis Cupps married a third time to Margaret Ellen Gillson/Gilson. We have not been able to trace her parentage,but she was born 19 April 1847 in Ohio and died 27 December 1904 in Coleman County Texas. To this union were born Mary Isabell 1867-1950, Margaret Ellen 1869-1904, Joseph L. 1871-1899, Rhoda L. 1873-1969, Etta Mae 1874-1932, Dessa Marcella 1878-1954, Charles Frank 1881-1967, and Louisa Josephine 1883-1938. John Lewis Cupps died in Newton County Missouri 23 December 1905, while on a visit from Texas to his son Daniel.


Mary Lena Trowbridge was born 5 May 1863 in LaGrange, Lucas County Iowa to William Allen Trowbridge and Amanda Helen Morris. Mary Lena was married to Reed Vance Cupps in Bosque County Texas 27 September 1885 and had eight children. After her husband died in Coleman County Texas, she moved with the families of several of her daughter's to California where she died 10 February 1952. She was brought back to Coleman County Texas to be buried beside her husband.

William Allen Trowbridge was born 10 September 1844 in Gallia County Ohio to Levi Trowbridge (1814 Ohio-1857 Iowa)and Permelia Ross (1816 Ohio - 1900 Ill.), the daughter of William Ross and Nancy Knowlin. William Allen Trowbridge and Amanda Helen Morris (1841 Ky.- 1904 Texas)the daughter of Benjamin Morris and Amanda Sissol , were married 27 July 1862 in Iowa. They had Mary Lena born 1863 in Iowa, Clara Ann born 1866 in Ill.-1954 in Texas, Charles Christopher born 1871 in Ark- 1939 OR. and Permelia Amanda born 1879 in MO.- 1919 in Texas. Much research has been done on the Trowbridge family, but I know little of the background of the wives of these lines.

Baugh Family Line

Dixie Vio Baugh was born 23 September 1896 in Coleman County Texas to William Lee Baugh and Willie Stacy Baugh. She married William Henry Cupps 18 December 1919 in Coleman County Texas. They had three children, Doris Izola, Lee Vance and Era Juanita. Dixie died 16 November 1972 in Coleman County Texas.

William Lee Baugh was born 22 October 1868 near Franklin, Williamson County, Tenn. to Loving Harvey Baugh and Tennesse Blackburn Baugh. William Lee Baugh married Willie Stacy 22 April 1886 in Lavaca County Texas. They had twelve children, Edgar Arthur 1888-1974, Tennie Ellen 1889-1977,Willie Lee (Lela) 1891-1981, John Oliver 1893-1979, Dixie Vio 1896-1972,Loving Pauline 1898-1962,Annie Mae 1900-1942,A.Nolan 1902-1963,Lora Eloise 1904-1938,Georgia Ruth 1906-__,Dick Stacy 1908-1994,and Eula Marie 1910-___. William Lee Baugh died in Coleman County Texas 27 September 1943 and Willie Stacy Baugh died in Coleman County Texas 18 April 1951.

Loving Harvey Baugh Sr. was born 16 December 1842 in Tenn., the son of James Martin Baugh and Eliza Neely Baugh.He married Tennesse Blackburn, daughter of Moses Gatis Bluford Blackburn and Elizabeth Gray, 27 November 1864 in Williamson County Tenn. They had four boys, James Buford 1865-1951, William Lee 1868-1943,Richard Homer 1870-1870, and Oscee 1874-?. Tennesse died in Texas in 1877 and Loving Harvey married Mary Jane Burkett 4 July 1878 in Lavaca County Texas. They had twelve children, Lizzie Tennie 1879 TX.-1967 CA,Thomas Jefferson 1880 TX.-1964 KY.,Nathan 1881 TX.-1882 TX.,Charlie Jake 1883 TX-1956 TX.,Johnnie Elisha 1885 TX.-1975 TX.,Joseph Harry 1886 TX.-1887 TX.,Daisy Dee 1887 TX.,-1973 AL.,Stella Gertrude 1889 TX.-1900 TX.,Arthur Hamner 1890 TN.-1972 CA.,Loving Harvey Jr. 1892 TN.-1978 TX.,Forest Lemuel 1894 TN.-1955 CA.,and Thompson Ernest 1896 TN.-1985 TX. Mary Jane Burkett Baugh died in 1925 in Texas and Loving Harvey Baugh Sr. died in 1935 in Texas.

James Martin Baugh was born 6 February 1817 in Tenn. He was the son of Bartlet Baugh. I am not sure of his Mother's name. James Martin Baugh married Eliza Susanne Neely , daughter of Charles Lynch Neely and Sarah Elizabeth Wells, 21 October 1840 in Williamson County Tenn.They had known children,Elijah L. 1841-1921, Loving Harvey 1842-1935, Mary C.1844-1862,Sallie Ann 1846-1947.James C. 1848-1849,Charles Bartlett 1850-1930,Rhoda J. 1852-1854,Christina 1854-1858,Elinora (Nolie) 1859-1932,and Mary Jane (Mollie) 1862-1933.

Bartlett Baugh- little is known of him. He was said to have been born in VA.11 July 1774 and was buried in Williamson County Tenn. in 1843. Family legend says that Bartlett was married first to Nancy Wooldridge, daughter of Simon, 2 Jan.,1801 in Prince Edward County, VA.In 1831 Simon Wooldridge's estate was being settled and it is stated that his daughter, Nancy, deceased had been married to Bartlett Baugh now of TN. Three children of that marriage are named, Mary (Baugh) Moore, Robert Baugh and Rhoda Sweeney. At this time my cousins and I are trying to gather information on these children and Prince Edward County in hopes that we can make a link. It is not known when or where Bartlett Baugh married again, but her name was also Nancy, maybe Crews. I have only proved two sons James M. and Wyatt W. and believe there was a John. These three all married Neely sisters in Williamson County TN.

Bartlett Baugh was the son of John Baugh who died about 1789. The settlement of his estate names children : Nancy,Bartlett,Priscilla,Betsy (Elizabeth ?),Biddy, Frankey, Tabitha,Caroline,Polly and Mickey.Anyone with any information--please email me !!


The history of Tennessee says that Neelys were among the early settlers of that state. James Neely, the first proved of my line, was there in the early 1800s. James Neeley/Neely and Jane Grimes?Grymes were married in Christ Church, PA. 21 may 1740. About 1742 James and Jane with other relatives and friends moved to Boetouet County VA. Their children ; Jane, William, Sarah, John,James and Robert were probably all born and were at least raised there.Records show the family still there in 1769.

John Neely, son of James and Jane was born in 1748, in Botetourt Co. VA.He married Susanna Evans. They start appearing in TN. records as early as February 1806. John died 13 Nov.1818 in Williamson Co. TN. Susanna probably died before him. Their children James born ca 1777, died 1835, Rhoda ca 1780, died 1838, Jane/Deliah ca 1783, died 1840, Sophia born 1785 died 1831 ,John H. died 1845,William born ca 1793,Charles Lynch born 22 July, 1795 died 9 Oct.,1853.

Charles Lynch Neely,son of John and Susanna was born in Botetout Co. VA. He married Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" Wells in Williamson County , TN, 20 Dec. 1819. They had 13 children, 11 of them lived to adulthood in Williamson County. Sarah Elizabeth Wells Neely died 27 July 1876. Their children were ; John Wesley 1820-1871, married Jane Howe, Eliza Susanna 1822-1898 married James Martin Baugh (my gg grandparents), Charlotte E. 1825-1899 married John Shaw, Sarah Elizabeth 1827-1915 married Wyatt W. Baugh (brother to James M. Baugh), Harvey Lynch 1828- ? married Nancy Bunting in Gonzales County TX., Charles Marion 1829-1908 married (1)Margaret Neely (2)Mrs. Jordan, Munford Ewing 1831-? Beckham Co OK, married Tennessee Roundtree, Rhoda Jane 1833- after 1870 married John Baugh (brother to James M. and Wyatt W.), Mary catherine 1835-1923 married James King, Baby b&d ca 1837, Delilah Tennessee 1839-1928 married John William Blackburn, Margaret Virginia 1842-1919 married John Jones, and a baby born and died 1843.

Willie Stacy was born 27 September 1868 in Lavaca County Texas. She was the sixth child,fifth daughter, of James Madison Stacy and Emily Ellen "Millie" Thomason. She married William Lee Baugh 22 April 1886 in Lavaca County Texas. They moved to Coleman County Texas with other members of the Stacy family in 1892. Willie died in 1951. Her children are listed under William Lee Baugh above.

James Madison Stacy was born 10 May 1835 near Richmond Virginia.Little is know of "Matt's" birth or the first five years of his life. He and his mother, Nancy, moved to Tenn. about 1841. From that time on he was always near an uncle, Jesse Braswell Stacy.Several of the Stacy relatives, including Jesse Braswell and "Matt" and his mother arrived in Texas in 1852. Also in the wagon train was George Washington Thomasson and his family. Among Mr. Thomasson's daughters was Emily Ellen. James Madison Stacy married Emily Ellen Thomasson 17 February 1856 in Fayette County Texas. They moved to Lavaca County Texas in 1864 when James Madison returned home from the Civil War. There were twelve children born to "Matt" and "Millie", Mary Ann 1857-1895,John F. 1859-1890,Nancy Jane 1863-1948,Martha 1864-1895,Sarah Frances 1867-1897,Willie 1868-1951,Tennesse 1871-1955,James Thomas 1873-1944,Ardy 1875-1962,Gertrude Ary 1876-1961,Sammie Salome 1879-1969,and George Oma 1881-1900.Little is know of "Matt" Stacy's mother except that she died in Lavaca County Texas after 1880. James Madison Stacy died 26 August 1913 in Coleman County Texas. His wife, "Millie" died 18 January 1914 in Coleman County Texas.


George Washington Thomasson was born 10 February 1814 in Stokes Co. North Carolina .His parents were George Thomason and Millicent Howell.George died when Geo. W. was only a few months old. Millicent and her younger children moved to Tenn.with John Thomasson and Elizabeth Howell Thomasson before 1820. It is said that he married in Mooresville, 1836, Mary Louisana (Polly) Bell,born 27 March 1820 in TN., the daughter of Silas Bell Sr.(1797 Va.-1860s TX) and Lucretia Walker. George and Polly had nine children in TN. before coming to Texas in 1852. In Texas they had six more children. These children were : John Silas 1838-1858,Emily Ellen (Milly) 1839-1914 (married James M. Stacy),Mary Elizabeth 1841- ?,(married 1st Gerd Spreckles,2nd Thomas Jefferson Bell), William Stern 1843-1877 (married Elizabeth Herndon),Sarah Harriet 1845-1934 (married Thomas Lafayette Murphy),Nancy L. 1846-1930 (married John A. Leazer), George M.D. 1848-1938 (married Martha Ann Brown),Thomas Jerome 1850-1912 (married Martha Edwards), Frances Paralee 1852-1934 (married William R.W.Smith), Edith L. 1854-1924 (married 1st James Barron, 2nd John R. Barron),Lucinda Marrila 1856-1933 (married Emerson Cooper Austin), Martha Rebecca 1858-1930 (married Jeremiah Elijah Pate),Minnie Vinia 1861-1921 (married Thomas A. Leazer),Jefferson 1862-1862,Amanda Ev alina 1862-1915 (married John B. McLean). George Washington Thomasson died 16 February 1899 in Fayette County Texas and his wife, Polly, died 10 September 1904 in Fayette or Lavaca County Texas.


Mary Louisana Bell was the daughter of Silas Bell Sr and his first wife Lucretia Walker. She was born in Wayne County Ky. but after the divorce of her parents she lived in Tenn. She married in Tenn. in 1836. Her brothers were Phasaelas (Seal) Bell (1812 Ky- 1906 TX),Zoilus Bell ( 1816 Ky - ca 1883 TX), Ozzia Bell (1817 Ky. - ?), Isaac Bell ( 1818 Ky. - ca 1865 TX.), and James Carrel Bell (1820 Ky. -1844 Tx.)

After the divorce of Silas Bell Sr. and Lucretia Walker Bell, Silas married Elander Wallace in Tenn. They had Silas Bell Jr. , John Wallace Bell,Elizabeth Bell, Lavina Bell, and Mary Ann Bell, before seperating. Silas Bell Sr.moved to GA. about 1845, where he stayed until after 1850.It is not known for sure when he came to Texas because the county he moved to lost their records due to fire. But it is known he was in Texas in time for the 1860 census. He died in Texas about 1865. It is not certain at this time who the parents of Silas Bell Sr. were.


Thomas Walker Sr. left a will in Orange County VA., which was proved 25 January 1770. In his will Thomas mentions his wife Elizabeth, three sons, James, Thomas and Charles. He made bequeaths to four grandchildren, James son of Thomas and Thomas son of Thomas, Thomas son of James, and a granddaughter Joyce Walker. It is not known why Thomas Walker Sr. did not leave property to his sons Thomas and James, perhaps he felt that they were already well established. A court case of 1824 in Wayne County Ky. proves that James Walker Sr. of that county was indeed the son of Thomas Jr. This case also proves the wife of James Sr. to be Catherine Miller, daughter of Jacob Miller. In Wayne County deeds of January 1818 James Walker Sr. deeded land to sons, John M.M. Walker, James Walker Jr., Gideon Walker, Charles Walker and Thomas Walker.
In 1836 in Washington County Texas, James Walker Sr. divides land granted to him by the Spanish Government in 1824, between children,James Jr., Sally Townsend wife of William, Gideon ,Lucretia Gilpin,and Lucinda Gary wife of Cary D. From those two sets of deeds there are proven eight children,although we know there were others.
James Walker Sr. died in Washington County Texas before May 1837, as witnessed by filing of his estate.


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