Hello my name is Robin and welcome to my homepage. I have two
beautiful daughters, Kelley the oldest and mother of my three wonderful
grandsons Alexander, Zachary, & Logan and Amanda my youngest daughter. I
have been married to the same man for 32 years and I can honestly say that
I am a happily married. We have a cat named Buddy, a husky named Molly and
a Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrot named Padico. I enjoy being outdoors,
camping, restoring old furniture and collecting old books, coins,
postcards, etc...
I love carousel horses and use to make them as a hobby, like the one in
the picture below. I also enjoy doing genealogy. So if you are interested
in genealogy too please stop by my genealogy page for a visit and check
out my surnames and links.


Driskell Family Photographs

Phillips Family Photographs

Gann Family Photographs

Robin's Genealogy Page

Carousel Page

Olde World Santa Dolls by Santalady


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