1.   8" "Just Me."  Adorable black full-body porcelain doll with 
     lt. green side-glance p.w. eyes. Short very curly hairdo, dark 
     brown (almost a Shirley Temple style or maybe the longish version 
     of a Pixie poodle-cut).  Hand-crocheted drop-waist pink dress, 
     long sleeves, trimmed with interwoven rose-pink ribbon and lt. 
     pink ribbon rosebuds. White lace-trimmed cotton panties, white 
     lace tights. tiny black leather Mary Jane shoes (tied with black 
     ribbon at ankle) with black ribbon and pearl rosette at toe. 
     Wearing a little headpiece of palest pink lace topped with six 
     ribbon rosebuds in lt. and med. pink.                       $195.
     2.   8" "Just Me."  Adorable white (Caucasian) full-body 
     porcelain doll with pale forget-me-not blue side-glance p.w. 
     eyes. Short very curly hairdo, dark brown (almost a Shirley 
     Temple style or maybe the longish version of a Pixie poodle-cut). 
      Hand-crocheted drop -waist white dress, trimmed with interwoven 
     sky blue ribbon and pink ribbon rosebuds. White lace-trimmed 
     cotton panties, white lace tights. tiny white leather slip-on 
     shoes with white ribbon and pearl rosette at toe. Available as an 
     extra:  custom-made antique-style blue bonnet lavishly trimmed 
     with lace, flowers, and a feather.  Not part of the doll's 
     outfit, but matches and made by Kandy to my order.
     Dressed doll - $175.  Special bonnet - $  30.
     3.   8" "Just Me."  Full-body porcelain doll with piercing gray 
     side-glance p.w. eyes. Shoulder-length chestnut ringlets cover her 
     head. Beautiful hand-sewn tea-colored silk dress embellished with 
     matching lace on front and back of bodice, short sleeves and around 
     hem. Interwoven peach silk ribbon accents lace on hem. White 
     lace-trimmed cotton panties, ivory lace tights. tiny white leather 
     Mary Jane shoes (tie at ankle with ribbon) with white ribbon and pearl 
     rosette at toe. Includes custom-made antique-style ivory bonnet 
     lavishly trimmed with peach and pink flowers and a beige feather.      
     4.   10" "Just Me."  Adorable white (Caucasian) full-body porcelain 
     doll with light green side-glance p.w. eyes. A gorgeous redhead with 
     all-over banana curls.  She wears a floral headband of celadon and sky 
     blue silk ribbon, which match trim on bid of her dress.  Antique-style 
     white dress of finest cotton batiste, lavishly trimmed with white lace 
     bib and skirt hem; powder blue embroidery on bodice and dress hem. 
     White lace-trimmed knee-length cotton pantalets, white lace tights. 
     tiny white leather Mary Jane shoes (tie at ankle with matching ribbon) 
     with white ribbon and pearl rosette at toe.                 $235.
     5.   10" Bru 9. Amazing celery green p.w. eyes, petal pink lips, 
     beautifully blushing cheeks, multi-stroke eyebrows.  Med reddish brown 
     mohair wig set in original long sausage curls. Ecru dress of finest 
     dimity with matching lace insets and embellishments all over.  
     Underneath it all, matching lace trimmed knee-length ecru pantalets 
     and full slip; ecru lace tights.  Powder pink Mary Jane shoes with 
     ankle-tied ribbons and ribbon and pearl rosettes. Wears a lavish 
     headpiece of ecru lace embellished with an abundance of pink flowers.  
     This one needs to be seen!!!!!                              $325.
          14" Kestner fashion - reddish-brown wig set in ringlets with 
     bangs; ice-blue p.w. eyes, beautiful chubby face (NOT a toddler doll). 
     Costumed in antique midnight iridescent taffeta embellished with 
     tea-colored lace at hem and cuffs, two lace medallions down front of 
     dress embellished with faux seed pearls; slip and panties of 
     lace-embellished ecru cotton. Wears ornate Normandy bonnet to match 
     her dress, embellished with flowers and a feather. 
     Absolutely gorgeous !!                                      $375.
     Virginia Turner:
          32" porcelain Red Riding Hood.  She is AWESOME !!! Black hair, 
     brown p.w. eyes, beautiful coloring.  Red velveteen hooded cape, rich 
     print on black cotton sateen l.s. dress. White eyelet-trimmed 
     pantalets and matching slip. Red patent leather Mary Janes, black knee 
     socks.  Basket of goodies for Grandma.  LE #99/150; dated 10/28/94; 
     signed by the artist. Body is stuffed fabric with wire armature.  
     Porcelain head, hands, feet.. (less 15% thru July 30)       $1,125.
     R. John Wright:
     All R. John Wright dolls are MIB, except Bridget who came unboxed 
     when new.  None of these dolls have been displayed. (all less 15% 
     thru July 30)  Free shipping.
     "Bridget"  ca. 1978, mature peasant woman, carries wooden hay fork;
     LE 150.  Very rare & desirable.                             $1,750.
     Little Children - Series I:  each in a limited edition of 250, 
     ca. early-mid 1980s.  These are listed in pairs, as intended by the 
     artist; however, they are priced each and I will sell them 
     individually, except for "Scott" & "Lisa."
     "Tad" and "Becky"
     Designed as a pair, "Tad" holds a fishing pole; "Becky" comes
     with a rake.                                      each $1,175.
     "Tad" is #191/250; "Becky" is #133/250.  "Becky" has oval 
     Periwinkle tag.

     Reddish-brown haired boy in early 20th century costume. "Jesse" 
     is # 106/250 and has oval Periwinkle tag; he is dressed in rust 
     corduroy pants; khaki Eisenhower jacket and brown felt cap, brown 
     tie oxfords.                                           $1,175.
     "William" and "Elizabeth"                   each       $1,175.
     Designed as a pair, after artwork by Jessie Wilcox Smith, both 
     are dark-haired. Early 20th century costuming; "William" wears   
     slate blue corduroy romper suit. #120/250. "Elizabeth" wears 
     mauve, with muslin apron.  She has oval Periwinkle tag.  
     "Scott" & "Lisa"                                  pair $2,175.
     "Scott" and "Lisa" are a matched-number set:  46/250. "Scott" was 
     originally manufactured as a lone doll, scheduled for an edition 
     size of 250.  Production was halted after completion of #48.  The 
     Enchanted Doll House arranged for completion of the edition and 
     commissioned "Lisa" as a companion for "Scott," also in an 
     edition of 250.  Matched-number sets below #49/250 are very rare. 
     Will sell only as a set.  Both dolls are strawberry-blond and 
     wear matching outfits.  Lisa holds a kitten.  A truly adorable 
     Special Editions:
     "Edward" and his Drum                                     $1,975.
     Shop exclusive for The Enchanted Doll House, LE 150
     "Rachel," Sunday Best
     3-shop exclusive shared by Toy Village, Bea Skydell's and Hobby 
     Center, #156/250.                                         $1,975.
     Newer Face - a more mature-looking child:
     Red Riding Hood                                           $1,250.
     Superb rendition of this storybook character, with her basket of 
     goodies for Grandma.  #62/500.
     "Patrick" and his Bear                                    $  975.
     A fabulous, impish redhead wearing jeans, designed after the 
     artist's youngest son. #46/250.
     The Enchanted Doll
     EDH logo doll, shop exclusive - 14" - the only edition a special 
     size and face for this edition.  #46/500               $   675.
     Composition Dolls:
     MIB 18" (+/-) Uneeda all-compo toddler w/ wrist tag.  Absolutely 
     factory mint; flawless.  This one is exceptional, w/ gorgeous 
     coloring. Box shows wear, but still in good condition.    $325.
     24" "Abiner Smoothie, The Last Elegant Bear" by Gund - numbered 
     limited edition #8342; signed by Dennis Kyte.  Includes numbered 
     hang-tag.  Also includes "Puppy," his rabbit friend and a big 
     chocolate chip cookie (vinyl). Wears burgundy satin smoking 
     jacket.  Great bear!! Near mint condition.  All original; ca. 
     1985.                              $225./Offers considered.
     "Sweet Sundae" trio by Raikes:  "Susie," "Sally," and "Timmy."  
     All MIB, never displayed.  Ca. 1987.  Selling as set of three.    
     Doll Reference Books:  (50% off listed price if you purchase 10 
     or more; shipping extra)
     Books are heavy and expensive to ship.  I will not ship them 
     fourth class; must go UPS or Parcel Post so I can insure the 
     shipment.  Shipping cost is buyer's responsibility regardless of 
     quantity purchased.  Will only charge actual cost shipping.  Many 
     of these wonderful doll references are currently out of print.
     The Best of Doll Reader, Volume 1, c1982, Hobby House Press, 
     Article Reprints 1975-1981; soft cvr.                     $20.00
     The Best of Doll Reader, Volume 2, c1986, Hobby House Press, 
     Article Reprints 1974-1982, soft cvr.                     $18.00
     Madame Alexander Catalog Reprints 1942-1962, Vol. 1, Barbara Jo 
     McKeon                                                    $27.50
     Wee Friends, by Eleanor Schwingle Watson, Volume II, c1977 - an 
     outstanding ref.; out of print                            $50.00
     Theriault's "Madame Alexander's American Beauties, Their 
     descriptions and values" c1983                            $25.00
     Rare and Hard To Find Madame Alexander Collector's Dolls, by 
     Barbara Jo McKeon, c1979, includes 1979 price guide. Out of 
     print.  Hard cover.                                       $50.00
     Madame Alexander Dolls on Review by Marjorie V. Sturges Uhl, 
     c1981, hard cover, out of print                           $50.00
     Madame Alexander Collector's Dolls (hard cover, pink), by 
     Patricia R. Smith, c 1978; some minor scribbling inside front 
     cover and on a couple pages; otherwise perfect. 32 pages o
     color  pictures; entire book 314 pages.                   $35.00
     Fashionable Terri Lee Dolls by Peggy Wiedman Casper, c 1988, 
     Hobby House Press, hard cover, 176 pages.                 $35.00
     Complete Book of Teddy Bears by Joan Greene and Ted Menten.  This 
     is a GRAND book on bears!  384 pages, all color photos. c 1989, 
     Publications International Ltd., hard cover               $60.00
     Ginny, An American Toddler Doll by A. Glenn Mandeville, c 1985, 
     Hobby House Press, great color and black-and-white photos of
     quality Ginny dolls from private collections.  Text is the best 
     Ginny reference in print.  Have one from 1st Ed., 2nd printing;
     one from 3rd printing.                          Each:     $15.00
     Patricia Smith's Doll Values, Antique to Modern, Fifth Series, 
     254 pages, c 1987, Collector Books soft cover.            $15.00
     Hard Plastic Dolls, Identification & Price Guide by Polly & Pam 
     Judd, c 1985, 2nd printing 1987, Hobby House Press, 302 pages,
     soft cover                                                $15.00
     Hard Plastic Dolls, II, Identification & Price Guide by Polly & 
     Pam Judd, c1989, 1st Edition, Hobby House Press, 256 pages, soft 
     cover                                                     $15.00
     Glamour Dolls of the 1950s & 1960s, Identification & Values by 
     Polly & Pam Judd, c 1988, 2nd printing 1989, Hobby House Press