From: Denise McDuffie
my favorite doll is: porcelain baby dolls

From: Ondrea Graves
my favorite doll is: Annette Hemstedt Dolls

We don't have any doll stores in Alaska, so we have to do mail order. How can I get some catalogs? w

From: Tonya Dean
Re: Dolls!
my favorite doll is: compo mama dolls

You have a great page!

From: Lela N.
Re: Dolls, natch! (& sue's web page)
my favorite doll is: Cloth dolls in general--BUT ESP. _LENCIS_

Have really enjoyed your web site, Sue! Will definitely be back to visit. (Bookmarked you...) Always interested in hearing from Lenci collectors and anyone with a Lenci for sale (doll, book, catalog, etc.) Does anyone know if there is a Lenci Doll Club??

From: Linda Carlos Baillie
Re: New Collector

I am just starting to collect. Funny I had dolls all my life and now at my age????? I am loving them all over again. I am especially interested in the Donna Karan Barbie, I haven't been able to find her anywhere. I think she was produced in 95'. I also like the Nostagia Barbie's. I got a Solo Spotlight Barbie a few Christmas' ago and she had the same look as the dolls I had as a child.

From: Elizabeth Dempsey-Loid
Re: Dolls - What Else?!
my favorite doll is: Wow, this is a hard one! Probably Amy by Peggy Ridley-my newest one.

I began my doll collection in January, 1997 and to date, I have 84 dolls! Yes, I am obsessive and compulsive, but I have a little 18 month old granddaughter and I thought I could enjoy all of the beautiful dolls until she becomes an age that she will appreciate them and at that time the collection will be hers. I'm spending a fortune, but I'm having a wonderful time doing it!!!

From: Tarrie Hicks
Re: Finding a Mrs. Beasley Doll
my favorite doll is: Mrs. Beasley

I'm looking for a Mrs. Beasley Doll. Does anyone have one available? Thanks! Tarrie

From: Linda
Re: Where to purchase and learn about collectable dolls
my favorite doll is: Antique reproduction German and/or French Bebes & like dolls, Ginny dolls, Madame Alexander

Would like to learn about other's collections of antique reproductions and the potential increase of value. Also, where other's purchase them. What do you think of the dolls offered on the Home Shopping Network?

From: Jane Nichols
Re: Baby Lissi dolls

Looking for help in determining the value of two sets of black baby Lissi twins(1986) in mint condition.

From: Becky Cota
Re: Dolls
my favorite doll is: The one my mom had made for me when I was 12

I need to sell my dolls. Can anyone help me with that?

From: Andy Gross
Re: ventriloquist dummies
my favorite doll is: any ventriloquist dummy

looking for anything and everything on ventriloquism and dummies thanks

From: Mary Ann Eckrich
my favorite doll is: no favorite

Just need to find more info. on antique and collectible dolls.

From: Melinda Manaut
Re: Miss Revon, all sizes
my favorite doll is: Miss Revlon

From: Dawnia Lee
Re: Fun in the sun surf'in

From: Vickie Swager
Re: Schedule for Chat Room
my favorite doll is: Dolls of the 1950's and Antique German Bisque

Sue: Please add me to your list for the Chat Room times and let me know when you get something put together. I am available weekday evenings after 6:30 p.m. CST. Vickie

From: Vicky B.
Re: Liberal Chat
my favorite doll is: Ginny or American Girls

I really enjoyed chatting on Liberal chat. but an hour is definitely (how spell?) plenty of time to talk. I was really gettting pestered by my 5 year old to make some pizza for dinner.......I look forward to talking again and this time I will have more questions....

From: Rosalie Wilberger
my favorite doll is: Emelie by Karen Blandford

From: East Air

I really enjoyed my visit to your page.

From: Teresa Glass

I am trying to find a Donnie Osmond Doll. It was a Barbie type doll manufactured in 70/80's. Any info?

From: Chelsea Duncan
my favorite doll is: CK one barbie doll


From: Ethel Breaux
Re: Mechanical dolls of the 70's
my favorite doll is: Any of the mechanical dolls that crawl,,etc.

My daughter is 25 years old and is now married with a son of her own. She cannot have anymore children and we keep the dolls for her and my husand and myself hate to see them ruin. Need info on care of these dolls and maybe selling or trading some. Thanks. Ethel

From: Sass
Re: Your site
my favorite doll is: ?

This is a really fun site!

From: Vicky Yanamura
Re: happymeal toys;
my favorite doll is: to many to chose

looking for other collectors to trade,or buy Happy meal toys. I'm greatly interested in the disney theme

From: Sandi
Re: New to dolls
my favorite doll is: large compo baby

I'm new to dolls. I didn't have many as a child. I love auctions and have purchased most of my dolls at them. So far I have a Lenci, two Compos, an 1890's China, a bisque clown doll, and a few other small dolls. How do you narrow your search down when you love them all? Sandi

From: Kylie
Re: I love Himstedts!
my favorite doll is: Neblina, Shireem and Liliane by Himstedt

Hi! I'm from Australia, and I collect Annette Himstedt dolls. I have six of my own, and spend my entire time on the net looking for Himstedt- related pages. Have you guys seen the official Himstedt website yet? Make sure you go there!! I also locate and sell top quality retired Himstedts for reasonable prices. At the moment I have Makimura, Adrienne, Ayoka, Kima, Alke and Madina for sale. Let me know if you're interested!)

From: Chrystine
Re: Baby Face by Galoob
my favorite doll is: Sweet Sue 31",Betsy McCall, Baby Face, Old Barbies

I am a collector of DOLLS...I have all my origanal ones as a girl..and SO many that I have gotten since! I am looking for 50s Hard Plastics now...though.I just picked up 5 new ones at the big Doll Show here last weekend. I would like a chat room for dolls on Netscape/WBS, They do have them on AOL.. I cant get in there! Thanks...Chrystine

From: Marty
Re: Nice website!
my favorite doll is: Cabbage Patch

I really enjoyed your website! It is so nice to find a site that you can enjoy! I publish a monthly CPK newsletter. I also have CPK's and memorabilia for sale! Stop by and say hello!

From: Jo Ann Walters
Re: your helpful pages
my favorite doll is: old compo dolls, 50's hard plastics and NASB's

Sue, I cannot begin to tell you how many much I enjoy your pages and links. I have visited so many times. I have learned so much and found so much here. Just want you to know how much you are appreciated. YOu are the best of the doll pages.

From: Lynda Durst
Re: just visiting
my favorite doll is: Lee Middleton first borns

I'm just begining to collect and would appreciate any info that would help me. I started with Cabbage Patch, then the Amish Blessings series, a few Yolando Bello, some bride dolls, and Lee Middleton' first borns. My collection is basically infant dolls.

From: Emha
Re: Premium dolls
eoh@texas.netAlklergy Annie
my favorite doll is: Allergy Annie

The doll that started my premium doll collecting. Rag doll with red nose and watery eyes. Offered by Honeywell Thermostats c.1965 in Sunday comic section for coupon and $1:00.c.l965.

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