baby Jeremiah's scrapbook

Jeremiah's a funny guy! This scrapbook was first designed to put up lots of
pictures, but Daddy found another web site with a bit more space, so that
place is now the Giant Photo Album, and the scraps are here, thus still
providentially appropriately named scrapbook. What else do you like?

I now have my own dot-com @

2nd Week in Hong Kong
July 9, 1998
including pictures of great-grandparents!

my first year in review
(march to august)

my journals

Giant Photo Album

May 9th photos
raising arizona

May 10th photos
at church

May 11th photos
in the new van & around home
my friends Hannah & Rachel

my first picnic:
april 25, 1998

October 1997
Dad's friend Allen visits

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