The Kids Page!

Here are some kid safe links

Great Family Page

Here is a great kid site, where they can share art and get pen pals

This is the Sesame Street home page, my favorite, online games and more

Here is a fellow neighbor who appreciates Barney, coloring book pages also

Here is a make your own dino page, fun, my 2 yr old son loved it!

Here are some homework helpers!

The Fairbanks Newspaper


North Pole City Page

Kathleen Buchanan's Home Page(good craft and education links)

American Directory Asstiance-great people search


After Midnite-Country Music Site

The Pueblo Colorado Site

The Teel Family Snow Activities Page

Reserch-it. Wonderful research tool.

The World Fact Book

All you ever needed to know about the Solar system and more

School House Rock.. more secondary education help

The Smithsonian Museum on line

Yes it's the Alaska Museums online

This is Britannica Online, you can have a free trial but a subscription is needed for long term

Here is the WWW Library, it's more for High School Help

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