Hunting and Fishing in Alaska!

Click to read a wonderful story my Father wrote about his and my Mother's hunting trip.

Here are a few example of how wonderful the hunting and fishing in Alaska is, most of the hunting pictures are of a moose and bear camp my Dad and my husband went on on the Yukon.

My dad at the camp

My husband and my cousin Steve at camp.

Carroll Swartz was the great moose hunter of the trip.Click on the pic for a moose recipe.

Danny dipnetting at Chitna, dipnetting is where you stick a long wide net into the rivers current, then you catch the salmon in the net, then you smack their head with a hammer and clean them.

Rex, my dad, rewards of the day!

My Dad's favorite picture of the Yukon.

Dan cleaning some Salmon

Even the kids get into cleaning Caribou

My Dad and Mom's King Salmon, dipnetted from Chitna.Click on the pic to get the Alaska Fishing Licence Prices for Non-Residents.

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