John Culp's Home Page

Hi! I'm John Culp. I live in Bristol, Tennessee, USA with my wife Jane and our children Jennifer and Joseph.

I became a Christian in 1985. I'm a long way from perfect, but I strive to follow Christ in all that I do.

I'm interested in zillions of things, and never have enough time for them all. A few of my favorite things are:

Central Christian Church of Bristol, TN

Singing in choir (bass)

I play slide guitar, mostly blues. I also sometimes play recorders, lap dulcimer, the McNally Strumstick, and gusli (a Russian sort of psaltery).

I like to tinker with antique gas engines, of which I have a few.

My recumbent bicycle  (Now sold, due to a badly broken arm from a motorcycle crash) :-(

My Harley-Davidson motorcycle 

Macintosh computers (since 1988); I may be the alpha Mac geek of Bristol!

I enjoy guns, archery and hunting. I'm a life member of the National Rifle Association. 

Astronomy; but I have a hard time staying up late to stargaze recently! 

I like old vacuum tube radios and TVs. I've got a few I've fixed up. I need parts for this one:

This is my grandpa's old radio. Click on the picture for a bigger view and description. 

 And of course, I'm interested in Family Medicine and medical education.

Drop me an E-mail if you visit, and check back now and then! Thanks for coming by! 


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