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Oh my! You really did want to learn a little about me, didn't you? Thank you for being interested.

OK, my name is Theresa Brown and I've been an enthusiastic Marylander (transplanted from Massachusetts) for some 32 years.

Some of the things I get enthusiastic about are family, animals, gardens, computers, fabric, music, books, old movies, and cooking. This list is by no means exhaustive ... and certainly not in any particular order ... my enthusiasms sometimes seem to change minute by minute!

I used to have about a gazillion hobbies, but now I've pretty much cut down to just a few. Or maybe not... As I begin to fill up my place, you may get an idea of what I mean.

Right now I am most enthusiastic about the World Wide Web and the course I took through Spectrum Virtual University. As a matter of fact, this web site was my class project.

Years ago, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Howard University. Later, I took several courses at the University of Maryland University College toward a degree in Information Systems Management. Currently, I am working in Health Systems at SRA International , a terrific company that really encourages all of us employees to keep learning "forever." (Psst, we have employment opportunities.)

Well, I can't think of anything else right now. If you think of anything, ask me. Maybe I'll know the answer.

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