RF-1 IF-2 ST tube
Motorola C-QUAM AM Stereo Receiver

*Synchronous detection using MC13020P and matrix circuit
*IF band width selectable. Hi-Fi(15KHz), Med, Nallow(3KHz), CW(600Hz)
*Q-Multi built in
*2 band (BC and 3.0-10.5MHz) with band spread dial
*Stable BFO and product DET with 6WC5

Block diagram
Now I have a project to make up 20Meter AM stero system based on tne C-QUAM Motorola. This reciever will be used for the stereo receiver at the project, and had been already completed to improve to the stereo receiver.

Front View
Window at right had side is for S-meter, center for band spread dial, and left for main tuning.

This front view was designed by the sketch below:

Some pictures..
From right upper corner to down, 5Z3, #42, 6Z-DH3A and its left side 6WC5 for product DET, down next from 6Z-DH3A is 2 of 6D6 for IF stage, turn left 6WC5 for MIX and left down corner is 6D6 for RF stage.
At tube triangle of the center portion, left corner is 6WC5 for OSC, right corner is #76 for Q-multi, and top of the triangle with 6WC5 and #76 is voltage regulator VR150ST.
Left upper corner is 6C6 for BFO.

What's 6WC5 and 6Z-DH3A ?? It's Japanses original tubes. Please see this page

Preparing to C-QUAM stereo, I made wood case...