Chelsea's Lupus Awareness Quilts

Chelsea's Lupus Awareness & Memorial Quilts

Teri, My Brother, and Me

As you search through my pages you will find several links leading you toward Autoimmune Disorders and other related information. June of 1997 my daughter was diagnosed with Lupus, she was 17 at the time, it was not easy to find information about lupus without getting totally confused.

During my search about Lupus "on-line" I met so many wonderful people whom suffer from the same disorders as my daughter. The disease is complicated to explain, invisible to most, but devastating none the less. How you say?...Well How does one explain a disease that no one hears about unless you, yourself end up being the one that has it. Please understand, Autoimmune disorders such as Lupus in NOT contagious, you can't get it from someone else. It's just one of these really weird way of how your body would attack itself. Huh??? you say, well, me too. I don't understand the physical theories of this disorder, I only understand the emotional "side effects".

As time has gone by for my daughter and I we both fought this disease, but in different ways. Me being the mom, first went through the guilt trips, the overly protective, scared mom I was. While on the other side of the fence was my daughter, fighting, denying, every step of the way. After countless visits to the doctors office, E.R. rooms, and many battles with flare up's, my fear for her future health rose and yet her determination to deny the illness pretty much blew up the whole mother daughter relationship.

I also have one son, who thinks I'm neglecting him by not putting his picture here too. So David, here's to you!!

By the way, David is 18 and made it through the Marines. He is about to go on the journey of his life traveling the world for 18 months. Boy do I miss him! (David, I'm so very proud of you!)

Glen,THANK YOU, your patience, and holding my hand while I learn under his care how to do this myself...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!...Your friendship will also remain with me for a very long time Glen (HUGZ)

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